Strata Rubbish Removal Sydney… Do You Have a Plan?

Shared living complexes require careful management, plenty of attention and an excellent waste management plan. Residents often produce a wide array of waste in a strata complex, and different kinds of rubbish can present problems for waste removal professionals. This is why it’s always important to have a strata rubbish removal plan in place.

At Sydney City Rubbish, we work with strata complexes on a regular basis. We help to develop effective waste management plans that prevent a build-up of junk. What’s more, we provide regular rubbish removal services, ensuring that your waste is taken care of in a swift and safe manner. We always prioritise sustainability where possible.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at the ins and outs of strata rubbish removal in Sydney, along with a framework for a strata waste management plan.

What waste do strata complexes produce?

The waste produced by strata complexes mostly comes from the residents. Therefore, the majority of waste items that we do see are common household junk. We’ll talk about three of the biggest offenders below.

Furniture waste

We all do our best to commit to a year or bi-annual cleanout of old furniture, and the same goes for residents in a Sydney strata complex. Old furniture waste is a common strata rubbish type, and often consists of chairs, tables, sofas, broken bits of furniture, bed frames, and much more. At Sydney Rubbish Removal, we have immense experience in dealing with furniture junk.

The good news about furniture waste is that much of it can easily be reused, or at worst, recycled. If furniture is in good condition, it can be on-sold or donated to charity. If it’s a little worse for wear, a rubbish removal company can take the furniture to a recycling centre, where it is broken down and the materials used for other purposes.


Getting rid of a mattress can be a pain in the neck! They’re an awkward shape, they’re heavy, and they’re especially tough to remove from a tight space like an apartment building. This is a prime example as to why strata waste management plan is a must. Your plan should include directions on disposing of mattresses… and the best way to do this is to hire the experts.

Large recyclables

Large recyclables are much more common than you’d think. Large boxes that can’t be broken down are used to ship items like appliances, and often build up in the basement or bin area of a strata complex. They’re too big to go into the bin and if they are broken up (time-consuming), they’ll take up too much space in recycling receptacles.

Again, this is where a plan is important. Your residents should know exactly what to do with this kind of waste, including where to put it and if applicable, how to break it down so that it is easier to deal with. All in all, thorough planning makes life much easier.

Electronics and appliances

Electronic waste, or e-waste as it is commonly known, is another kind of junk we frequently see in strata rubbish removal. Oftentimes, this junk consists of old computers, printers, phones, and tablets… along with appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, fridges, and dryers. Dealing with these items properly is essential.

The good news about electronic waste and appliances is that they are highly recyclable. This means that when they are removed by a reputable company, the items can be taken to an e-waste recycling centre, where they will be broken down. The materials are extracted and then reused in the manufacturing process, down the track.

How can you deal with strata rubbish?

So, how exactly can you make dealing with strata rubbish and junk easier?

As we mentioned, a thorough plan is always the best way to go about it. Pair that with a reliable, professional rubbish removal company, and you have a winning combination. At Sydney City Rubbish, we’ve seen what happens when strata management implements a good quality waste management plan… and what happens when they don’t!

A plan will help to ensure that residents don’t simply dump waste on shared property. That does happen in many shared living communities, unfortunately to the detriment of the residents. Dumped waste becomes a health and safety hazard in a number of ways… not to mention, it doesn’t look very good!

As well as that, a good waste management plan:

– Contributes to protecting the environment, by making sure that waste isn’t dumped in places where it can damage plants and wildlife. It also ensures that waste is secure, and cannot accidentally end up on the street, or in parks and waterways.

– Saves the strata complex money, by making the whole process of removing the waste much easier. A solid plan can also mean fewer bins required, and less time spent by management staff cleaning up or informing residents of problems.

– Creates a happier and more relaxed environment for tenants and residents. When there is little waste around, or it is hidden from sight in a designated area, the people occupying your complex will be far more content.

– Instils faith in residents, as they can see that the strata management truly does care. They will see a management body that takes care of the complex, and ensures that their waste is being dealt with in a sustainable manner.

What is included in a waste management plan for Sydney strata complexes?

What should a strata rubbish management plan include?

A good plan needs to include a number of things. Before the plan is put together though, it’s important that an amount of research is conducted. That means finding out what kinds of waste are most common in your strata complex, and where your residents put this waste. You may have received complaints or feedback from residents in the past, and this is invaluable.

Gathering up all of the information available to you will help ensure that your plan is not only effective but takes into consideration the desires of your residents. Once you have all of this information and have broken it down into effective actions, you can then start putting together a plan.

Things to include in your plan should be:

– Where residents should place different types of waste. For example, a certain corner of the bin room or area in the carpark.
– How often a rubbish removal company will be engaged to remove the waste.
– Who is responsible for certain actions in the waste management process.
– Actions to ensure that health and safety is adhered to.
– Actions to ensure that waste is secure, and will not negatively impact residents or the environment.
– Contingency plans in the event that waste overflows, or cannot be removed.
– Additional goals around reducing the amount of waste that your complex produces.

Implementing all of these points into a strata waste management plan will ensure that your endeavours are successful, and your complex will greatly benefit.

Sydney strata rubbish removal

At Sydney City Rubbish, we’ve worked with many management companies, in strata complexes all over Sydney. We know exactly what it takes to deliver a fantastic strata rubbish removal service, and can do so for your complex. Simply get in touch with us today for more information.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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