Skip Bins: The Pros and Cons

Skip bins are a common feature of waste removal projects, particularly on building sites and for commercial rubbish collection in Sydney.

However, while they are no doubt a popular rubbish removal solution, they certainly have a number of positives and negatives.

Here are some of the pros and cons of utilising skip bins.


The Positives

There’s a reason skips are such a popular option; they have a number of things going for them, particularly durability and size.

Steel skip bins are extremely tough, meaning they are great for all kinds of waste. This is exactly why they are a common fixture on construction sites.

Moreover, when you’re removing large amounts of bulky waste, skips can present an affordable option for rubbish removal in Sydney.

Thirdly, skips come in a few different sizes, the biggest being large enough to carry very large amounts of waste.


The Negatives

Despite being used so frequently, there are some significant negatives to using skip bins for your waste removal.

Firstly, skips are static. This means they can’t be moved once the come off the truck and are filled with waste.

As well as this, the trucks that drop off and pick up the skip bins are large and therefore not good in tight spaces.

Moreover, skips are often too big for a number of waste removal jobs. Moreover, there’s not much flexibility in size.

These skips also take up a lot of space, especially the larger sizes. That makes them a poor choice for tight spaces, or smaller car parks and building sites.

Unfortunately, that presents a serious issue when considering rubbish removal in Sydney.

Last of all, you have to load a skip yourself! That means time and money spent on labour when removing your waste.


The Alternatives

At Sydney City Rubbish, we provide a number of cost-effective and dynamic waste removal alternatives.

These include:

  • Skip bags.
  • Waste removal trucks.
  • Four wheeled bins.

To discuss one of our waste removal options for your business or project, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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