Skip Bin vs Truck and Labour


Many clients ask what the most appropriate method of rubbish removal is, the real answer is.. its all site and labour dependent.

Some Factors to consider when deciding;


Skip bins are great if you have clear site access to drive a truck and position a bin. But most properties in Sydney don’t have a suitable space for a bin. If you place a bin too far away from the work area, it may mean longer loading times.


Skip bins and their trucks (and sometimes drivers!) often cause damage to driveways, grass, pavers and tiles. It may not cause damage until the bin is loaded up or picked up. You may find yourself having to repair damage.

Our trucks and labour are fully insured and are responsible for any damage we cause.


If get a skip bin, you will most definitely have to load it yourself. Skip bin companies don’t provide labour and if you hire external labour to load it you risk not having enough space available to complete the job and need to send the labour home until you can organise another bin. Consider having to buy or hire equipment and put in the hard hours when making your decision. Some times its a better idea to leave it to the professionals who can usually do it quicker as they have the know how and right materials.


Project speed is a consideration, if its going to take a long time to demolish or move the rubbish to the street, it may be a better option to get a bin as it facilitates a slower process.

If you need to remove rubbish fast you are better off with labour and a truck. As soon as the job is done, the labourers pack up and clean up and take the truck with them so you can wrap things up sooner.


Cost is undoubtably the most considered factor. Skip bins are usually priced and measured by the cubic metre (m3) whereas trucks are measured and charged by weight in Tonnes (t) when unloading at the tip. With this in mind it would make more sense to use a skip bin for heavy materials like brick and concrete and a truck for lighter materials like timber, joinery and stud walls.


Skip bins don’t discriminate with recyclable products such as cable, metals, some plastics, glass, whitegoods, and bricks which can usually be recycled. If you have a large load of a recyclable material, it would make more sense to have a truck pick it up and take it to the recycling depot rather than loading up a skip bin.


Its always deceiving how much rubbish you “actually” have and when you call up a bin company there is a fine line between choosing the right size bin and getting the best value. However choose the wrong size and you could either waste money or run out of space. Usually its one or the other. The other factor to consider is that bins come in all shapes and sizes and if you get one thats too short you will spend time flat packing the materials. If you get a bin thats too shallow you might find that the material wont fit at all.

If you need help making the right decision or would like to compare pricing, phone us on 02 9114 9727

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