Skip Bags: The Solution for Your Green Waste

When it comes to completing that long-awaited backyard clean up, you’ll inevitably be left with a heap of green waste.


That might include grass clippings, hedge trimmings, some loose top soil, weeds, small branches and fallen leaves.


Whilst it may be possible to put a small amount of this green waste into your green waste bin, if you’re doing the job properly you’ll have far more leftover.


The solution?


Utilise one of our skip bags.


These versatile waste removal options are perfect for green waste. They’re far more simple to get into your yard than a skip, and much easier to move about as you fill them.


As well as that, once we pick them up, we will ensure all of your green waste is deposited in the correct fashion and composted.


Here are some benefits of using skip bags for your green waste.


Easy to Relocate


As we mentioned, these bags are easy to move about your yard without a crane.


So long as you haven’t got hundreds of kilos of green waste, you’ll be able to pull the bag about by its straps.


This is much easier than having to cut, then collect and walk all of your waste to a central location. That means you’ll save time and effort.


Easy to Deliver and Pick Up


When we deliver skip bags, they come in folded form, thereby taking up little space.


For this reason, it’s a great idea to order multiple bags at once, which can then be stored for later use.


Once you’ve filled your skip bags, simply call Sydney City Rubbish and we’ll come and pick them up for you.


We even pick up competitors’ bags, for 10% less than their price!


Dispose of All Kinds of Waste

You can put all kinds of green waste in your skip bag.


This includes grass clippings, hedge trimmings, some loose top soil, weeds, small branches and fallen leaves.


Once we pick up the skip bag, we’ll deliver it to a composting facility. Therefore, you know that the entire process is an eco-friendly one.


Weight Is No Problem

So long as the bag is accessible, weight is no issue. This is because we’ll pick your bag up with our crane truck.


Therefore, you won’t need to worry about the contents of the bags being too heavy.

In fact, our biggest bags have a weight limit of up to 1500kg.


That’s a lot of green waste…





To hire a skip bag for your green waste, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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