Skip Bags: The Perfect Solution for Green Waste

This summer, it’s a good idea to reduce fire risk by removing the green waste that piles up in your garden or green space.


Once you’ve trimmed, weeded and pruned your green area, you’ll need a place to dispose of the waste. And often, there’ll be too much to put into your green bin.


Thankfully, we have the perfect solution: our skip bags.


Skip bags are a fantastic way to dispose of your green waste; they’re easy to move about, affordable, and durable.


Here are just a few of the positives of using skip bags for your garden waste.




First of all, skip bags are easy to move around.


Before they become too heavy, you can drag them about your yard. This helps save you time, by not having to walk across the yard to dump waste regularly.


Once the bags become too heavy, we have another solution – a trolley.


When you order your skip bag(s), you can also order a trolley. You’re then able to place the skip bag on the trolley, for easier movement.




Skip bags have proven to be an adaptable option, time and time again.


For example, they are far more mobile than traditional skips. Moreover, the malleable material means they aren’t a static shape.


This is handy for different amounts of waste, or awkward waste types.


Varying Sizes


Need some options? Thankfully, we offer skip bags in a number of sizes.


Moreover, these skip bags have different safe working loads. Therefore, it’s important to know roughly how much waste (in terms of weight) you may have.


However, if you end up with more than expected, that’s no problem. Simply order another skip bag!


We Drop Off and Pick Up


At Sydney City Rubbish, we will deliver your skip bag in compact form.


Then, when you’ve filled the skip bag with your green waste, you can simply give us a call and we will come and pick it up.


Once we’ve taken it away, we can ensure that the green waste is disposed of efficiently, and responsibly.



To hire skip bags for your green waste, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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