Skip Bags and Safe Working Loads

Each skip bag (or bulka bag) has a safe working load.


That is, the amount of weight it can hold before its structural integrity is potentially compromised.


The safe working load can vary from product to product, so it’s important that you know roughly how much weight allowance you’ll need for your waste.


For instance, at Sydney City Rubbish, some of our skip bags can hold up to 1500kg. However, if this safe working load is exceeded, it can be extremely dangerous.


Here’s why it’s imperative to remain within the safe working load.


Avoid Broken Bags


It’s extremely important to the safety of you and those picking up the bags, that you remain within the safe working load.


For instance, if the weight is too much for the bag, it can split open.


This becomes an acutely dangerous situation, particularly if it happens when the bag is being lifted by a crane.


Falling rubbish can cause serious injury, and even death.


Thankfully, this situation is easily avoidable. By knowing and operating within the safe working load of your bag, you can remove the risk of this happening.


And if you have too much waste for one bag, simply order two.


Moreover, as well as being dangerous, it simply costs you more if the skip bag is overfilled and breaks as a result of that.


Avoid Damaging the Crane


An overloaded skip bag can also damage the crane truck which is used to pick it up.


Too much weight can cause the crane engine to burnout, and break down. If this happens whilst the full skip bag is airborne, it could fall.


That presents a huge risk to people nearby.


By ensuring that your bag is not overfilled, you can avoid this problem entirely.


Avoid Wasting Time


If you overfill your skip bag, and it breaks, it turns into a massive headache for you.


This is because it means you simply need to order another bag, and clean up the freshly spilled waste.


That is a huge waste of time, and of course money. Avoid these problems by remaining in the safe working load.




To discuss your skip bag needs, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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