Selecting a Sydney Rubbish Removal Company for Your Construction Waste: Three More Essential Qualities

Every year, building projects in Australia produces roughly 25 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste.

Most of this rubbish comes from commercial building sites, commercial demolition, residential construction and demolition and office demolition.

These operations produce a huge amount of wood, brick, rubble, metal, plastic and other materials. Unfortunately, about half of this construction waste ends up in landfill.

It’s essential that the waste is dealt with properly, and this is where a professional Sydney construction rubbish removal company comes into the picture.

A truly professional, experienced and thorough rubbish removal company has a number of traits, and it’s important to identify these to ensure you get the best service.

Here are three more qualities to look out for when hiring a rubbish removal company in Sydney.

Good Customer Service

Good quality customer service always leaves people feeling better about the goods or services they’ve paid for.

A Sydney rubbish removal project for construction waste is no different.

A positive interaction with your Sydney rubbish removal company will also make life easier, meaning bookings and necessary information is more readily available.

That makes for a much more efficient and less stressful project for your building site.

Licenses and Insurances

The appropriate licenses and insurances are a must for a construction waste removal company.

Without them, the company (and you) can be liable for huge penalties, especially if an accident or other incident occurs.

At Sydney City Rubbish, we only operate with all the necessary insurances and licenses, ensuring we are covered for any eventuality.

A Thorough Approach

A construction waste removal operation should leave nothing behind.

Efficiency is imperative, and there is simply no point in hiring a rubbish removal company if they leave waste behind, no matter how small.

You can generally gauge the effectiveness of a Sydney rubbish removal company through online reviews, or word of mouth.

To discuss rubbish removal for your construction or demolition project, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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