Scheduling Commercial Cleaning for Your Sydney Office? Declutter Your Space First

Regular commercial cleaning is an absolute must for every Sydney office space.

This is even more imperative now, with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic and the way it has affected our working lives.

It’s essential that this cleaning is thorough and eliminates all threatening bacteria and germs from your space.

However, this is often difficult in a bustling, cluttered office.

A buildup of e-waste, office furniture and other office junk not only impedes functionality but prevents effective cleaning.

Therefore, it’s essential that you declutter your office regularly so that a consistent commercial cleaning service is as efficient as possible.

Here are some things that we remove at Sydney City Rubbish, so that your commercial cleaning company can do its job.

Office Furniture

Much of the office junk that we remove from Sydney businesses consists of old furniture.

These days, businesses are regularly refurbishing their space, or completing new office fit-outs every few years.

That leaves plenty of waste, including workstations, office chairs, storage units, couches, benches and many other items.

Unfortunately, if these items are simply stored in empty rooms or piled in walkways your commercial cleaners can’t do their job properly.

To combat that, hire a Sydney rubbish removal company to remove this office waste for you. At Sydney City Rubbish, we’ll dispose of it responsibly.


Electronic waste is one waste type that has exploded over the last twenty years.

With the technological revolution, the number of computers, printers, tablets, scanners and other accessories has exploded.

This is very true for large office-based businesses in Sydney, which are now dealing with huge amounts of e-waste every time they upgrade their hardware.

It’s essential that your business doesn’t just let its e-waste languish and block vital areas which must be cleaned.

These items must be taken and recycled properly, to ensure materials can be used again in the manufacturing process.

Sustainability in the disposal of e-waste is so important, to avoid pollution by chemicals and heavy metals present in computers and other items.

Therefore, before you hire a Sydney commercial cleaning company, discuss your options with Sydney City Rubbish.

To have a chat with us today, get in touch here or book a rubbish removal service online here.

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