Safe Removal of Awnings: It’s Important

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Many retail and commercial buildings will have awnings overhanging the footpath or area in front of their premises. These awnings are great for protecting customers or clients from the weather whilst outside. As well as that, they can add a pleasing aesthetic to your shop or office! However, when it comes to removing these awnings, there are a variety of risk factors that must be taken into account and avoided at all costs. Health and safety is so important on any project involving the removal of awnings, as there are a range of risks associated with this work. Thankfully at Sydney City Rubbish, we understand the potential issues when it comes to removing awnings in Sydney, better than most. When you hire us to remove your awnings, you’re in safe hands. Here’s why. Understand the Risks We understand all of the risks present when removing awnings from your Sydney retail or commercial space. This is so important, because the better you understand any risk factors, the better you can avoid any serious associated issues. Due to the finicky nature of removing an awning, the risks can include a range of serious problems. That includes issues with your structural integrity if removed incorrectly. There are also all sorts of injuries associated with incorrect removal of awnings, as we’ll discuss a little more below. Minimise the Chance of Injury Injuries are an ever-present risk on any Sydney strip-out or demolition project. When it comes to removing awnings from your office or retail space, it’s so important that the chance of injury is as minimal as possible. The most common problems with the removal of awnings are associated with heavy items falling and causing serious injury. We minimise this issue by using the safest methods to prop up awnings as we remove them piece by piece. That way, the risk of injury is always minimised as much as possible. Proper PPE At Sydney City Rubbish, we work on a wide range of demolition and strip-out jobs across Sydney. That includes commercial and retail premises, and much more. Throughout these projects, our employees are always equipped with the proper PPE. That includes steel-capped boots, heavy duty clothing, helmets, eye protection and gloves. This PPE always ensures that our staff are as protected as possible from any potential injuries whilst on site. To discuss removing the awning from your office or retail space, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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