Rubbish Removal Sydney: Used Office Furniture

One type of commercial waste that we often come across in our rubbish removal adventures is used office furniture.

It’s important for commercial businesses to handle their old furniture responsibly, so that their impact on the environment is a positive one.

Therefore, here are some tips on handling used office furniture.


Record Your Items

Know exactly how much furniture you have, and what it consists of. That is, how many tables and chairs are there, and so on.

This can have a number of benefits, including knowing what can and cannot be recycled, as well as helping with buying new furniture in the future.


Decide on New Furniture

Selecting new furniture for your office is an important process.

This is because the chairs and desks that your staff use on a daily basis can have a huge impact on their productivity.

Furthermore, the health impact of poor-quality furniture is sizeable. Bad circulation, back problems and increased body fat can all be caused by bad chairs and desks.

Therefore, it’s imperative that when you replace your used furniture, you take care and select ergonomic chairs and desks.

As well as this, sustainability should be considered. There are plenty of dealers of quality, second-hand furniture in Sydney.

Save money and the environment by exploring these options. If required, get the help of a professional office fit-out company.


Plan Your Next Step

Are you able to use the furniture in another office?

It’s important that you know where the furniture is going. Too many organisations simply dump their furniture in landfill sites.

Even worse are companies which illegally dump their secondhand goods in public places.

The best approach is to reuse everything possible. This helps to negate your impact on the environment and can save your business money.

Whatever you aren’t able to use can be taken away by a Sydney rubbish removal company like Sydney City Rubbish.


Contact the Professionals

A professional Sydney rubbish removal company like Sydney City Rubbish will ensure that your used furniture is repurposed or disposed of responsibly.

We’re efficient and operate safely at all times.

The benefits of a professional Sydney rubbish removal service are innumerable, so be sure to hire the right contractors.


To discuss getting rid of your used office furniture, book in a Sydney rubbish removal service with us here.

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