Rubbish Removal Sydney: Tips for Decluttering Your Office

A cluttered office is not conducive to an efficient, productive organisation.

Unfortunately, it will almost certainly have an impact on the happiness of your employees as well; no one likes working in a messy office.

Cleaning up can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve let items build up over time. We understand – it can happen when you’re running a busy, successful business.

However, decluttering is simply a necessity.

Here are some tips from us to you, on how to best go about decluttering your office space for maximum efficiency.


Make a List

The first step to a successful declutter is to make a clear plan of attack. A good starting point is a rough inventory of what you have, and what you need to keep.

Often, you need far less than you realise. But it’s also important to make sure that you don’t throw out items that will definitely be required down the track.

A list will usually include items like files, electronic appliances, stationery and furniture like desks and chairs.

Make sure to be ruthless when deciding what needs to be kept, and what needs to be thrown out the window.


Donate Everything Possible

You’d be surprised at the amount of ‘waste’ items that you can actually donate.

For example, furniture and stationery will always find a new home. Whether it be an office that is short on furniture, or in a domestic setting, someone is always looking.

Donating helps to avoid items ending up in landfill, as well as saving money. Your business may even make some money off the sale of second-hand furniture.

A Sydney rubbish removal service like Sydney City Rubbish can remove your items and ensure they are repurposed or recycled.


Set Up a Second-Hand Stationary Area

Plenty of stationary is thrown away before it actually reaches the end of its useful life.

To reduce the amount of stationary that you discard unnecessarily, set up a second-hand stationary shelf. Here, staff can help themselves to what they require.

Make sure your workers check this shelf before accessing new stationary. You can even allow them to take items home for use.


Rearrange Your Office

Sometimes, a declutter coupled with a rearranging of your office can have an amazing effect.

It’s often not only the items in your office that are making it cluttered, but also the way your office is laid out.

Consult a professional office design company to assess whether or not a rearranging of your workstations and other furniture, can help you.

If done right, it can open your office up to more light, airflow and make a more comfortable working environment for your staff.


Go Paperless

In many offices, even now, a huge amount of the clutter is made up of paper files and excess documents that are yet to be filed.

There are many frightening statistics around paper use in offices. For example, the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper each day.

It’s extremely important that businesses do what they can to reduce their paper consumption, as soon as possible.

This will reduce our impact on the environment, as well as save on supply costs for office based organisations.

A Sydney rubbish removal company can remove your paper waste, paving the way for your company to go digital.


To discuss your office declutter, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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