Rubbish Removal Sydney: Three Common Types of Waste

At Sydney City Rubbish, we have a wealth of experience in removing and dealing with all kinds of waste.

There are certain types of rubbish that we find ourselves handling, which typically represent the most frequent kinds of Sydney rubbish removal.

However, we’re extremely happy to take this waste away for people, because it means it’s being dealt with responsibly.

When we take your waste, materials that should be recycled are being recycled, and green waste is not ending up in landfill.

Here are three of the most common types of waste we handle.


Green Waste

Green waste consists of tree cuttings, cut grass, branches and leaves.

This waste decomposes faster than any other kind of waste but isn’t always disposed of properly. A lot of green waste ends up in landfill.

Some food waste can also be classed as green, but should be composted. For example, vegetable and fruit waste, grains and bread, as well as some paper products.


Household Waste

Household waste is the stuff we throw into our bins at home.

Usually, it will consist of food packages, food scraps that aren’t compostable, pet waste and some glass items.

However, a huge amount of this waste is actually compostable. In fact, the average domestic bin holds 60% organic material.

Therefore, when we’re at home, it’s important to pay attention to what we are throwing in the bin.


Office Waste

The items that businesses use every day in the office end up becoming a huge percentage of the waste that the city of Sydney produces, every day.

Paper, cardboard and printing products, used desks, storage units, chairs and electronic waste make up office rubbish.

Offices often become cluttered and require our services to help remove the unwanted waste from their space.

Organisations inevitably see a number of fantastic benefits when we complete this type of rubbish removal in Sydney


To schedule a rubbish removal, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.



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