Rubbish Removal Sydney: Manage Your Construction Waste

Construction waste forms a huge percentage of all rubbish produced in Australia.

In fact, every single year more than 20 million tonnes of construction waste are produced by the building industry.

This includes the waste produced by demolition and strip outs, excess from building sites and surplus materials.

The worst part about this is that about half of the waste goes to landfill, where it simply should not be.

To avoid this happening and the negative effect it has on the environment, building companies need to be better at managing their construction waste.

Here are some ways to make this process easier, from a Sydney rubbish removal company.


Track Your Waste 

Start by documenting the waste that is produced on each of your building sites.

You don’t need to count it down to the last nail or splinter of wood. However, it’s a good idea to work out what kind of waste you produce the most of.

Therefore, you can then focus on reducing the waste, one material at a time.

Furthermore, doing this with the help of a Sydney rubbish removal company like Sydney City Rubbish will make the process far easier for your business.


Ensure Accuracy when Estimating Quantities

It’s important for your business that you are thorough in the planning stage of any construction project.

Inaccuracy when estimating quantities of wood, tiles, pavers, piping and other materials will cost your business more money.

As well as that, it will result in more waste. And when you have more waste, you’ll end up paying more for rubbish removal.


Implement Recycling Plans

A huge amount of the rubbish that constitutes construction waste can actually be recycled effectively. This is why it’s such a shame that so much of it ends up in landfill.

Effective recycling can begin with waste segregation.

That means separating different waste materials. For example, making piles for wood, metal, rubble and stonework, and any other items.

This makes it far easier to recycle the materials effectively. A professional rubbish removal company like Sydney City Rubbish are adept at handling different types of construction waste.

We’ll ensure your construction waste is recycled at a certified facility, greatly reducing your organisations impact on the environment.


Educate Workers

Educate your staff and contractors on the importance of not being wasteful with the building materials on hand.

Not only will it cost your business more, wastage of materials also impacts the environment in a big way.

Therefore, by educating your workers about how to be more efficient with their resources, you’ll be reducing the impact your construction waste has on the environment.

Furthermore, when your workers use materials more sparingly, you’ll likely end up saving on your Sydney rubbish removal costs.


To discuss rubbish removal on your construction site, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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