Rubbish Removal – Small Items; Mattresses, furniture, appliances v. full loads

Small Items

Our company deals with two types of rubbish removal jobs. In some cases a customer would have only one piece of furniture such as a couch or a mattress. These cases are very straight forward and we have a schedule of prices for each individual type of furniture. They range from $70 and up to $300 depending on how soon the client needs it taken away to the landfill.

If the client has 2 or 3 similar items then naturally there is a discount for each additional one. With the case of couch removal sectional furniture will count as more than one couch so keep in mind that the rate will be higher.

As for the mattress removal, the NSW Government has a law which requires all mattresses and box springs to be recycled. The metal is removed for recycling. This also carries a higher rates since recycling fee on the mattress is added by the waste transfer stations.

Larger Items and Full Loads

Once the client has more than few big items, then we would bring the big guns and the rates operate with greater economy. With larger jobs, rubbish removal prices are based on volume (m3). For example if we load the garbage and it fills up the whole truck then this is considered a full load. We charge by the cubic metre in increments of half loads. Ie. our trucks are 8m2 so half a truck is 4m3 and a full truck is 8m3. This includes loading and tipping.

Exceptions and Cost Saving

One way for our clients to keep  within the lower rates is to have their waste material on a location of their property that is easily accessible by our truck. The best rubbish removal rates can be enjoyed when the junk is on their driveway, back lane, curb or garage. Having to carry all the rubbish from a basement will add to the labour cost significantly.

One advice I give to my clients is to get their kids or friends to help. Usually going through old boxes is actually fun to most people and it turns into a social event in most cases.

There are also types of rubbish that can be more expensive than regular rubbish such as insulation, hazardous materials (asbestos) and mixed heavy material such as bricks, tiles and concrete.

Make sure to separate these items for less tipping costs and ensure they are taken to a suitable transfer station that accepts that material. Each transfer station prefers certain materials and as such the prices vary.

If you have questions on the best value for money outcome for your rubbish requirement, don’t hesitate to contact us on 02 9114 9727 or BOOK A FREE QUOTE HERE


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