Rubbish Removal Pricing – How Much does it cost? – “The Real Cost Of Rubbish Removal in Sydney”

Rubbish Removal Pricing – How Much does it cost? – “The Real Cost Of Rubbish Removal in Sydney”

So you have a load of rubbish in Sydney and you are wondering; How Much is This Going to Cost me?

What is a Load of Rubbish and what is the difference between providers?

Naturally all providers vary in their pricing regime and some are more honest than others when it comes to calculating the “Real Cost of Rubbish Removal”.

Some price by the load, others price by labour hours and tipping costs and some just guesstimate based on past experience. There is no real right or wrong answer however do consider the following when choosing a provider.

What to look out for;

  • Always get a fixed quote; Don’t get caught with an undefined estimate only to be told half way through the job that it’s going to cost more. Quotes are best in writing and the more formal the better.
  • Cubic Metre Quotes; Ensure that the vehicle presented does actually represent the volume of material stated. Ie some quote on a 10m3 truck when in fact it may be as little as 6m3 capacity in reality. Cubic metre quotes usually exclude heavy items like tiles, soil and concrete.
  • Tonne (mass) Quote; If you are being quoted in this manner, perhaps it is good to have an arrangement of transparency where tipping dockets are provided for verification.
  • Hourly Rates; Hourly rate jobs are best left to demolition tasks or difficult access jobs. Be weary of minimum charges and charges for travel time or wait time.
  • Skip Bins; If you are keen on getting involved on your project and access is on your side, maybe a skip bin is for you. Especially if you are loading heavy materials. Skip bin companies charge by the m3 and there is no limit on mass. However always supervise the driver loading and unloading and be weary of where you are putting the bin as it could damage the surface you place it on.

What to Avoid;

  • Avoid the dodgy fly by nighters who insist on cash payment and prioritise getting paid more than servicing your needs.
  • If an offer is too good to be true, read between the lines. Perhaps it’s a good idea to get things in writing if things go in a different way than expected.
  • Ensure your rubbish is going to a licensed transfer station. It is illegal to dump rubbish on vacant land.

Best Value Outcome;

  • Heavy Materials – Get a Skip bin and load it yourself, If you would rather someone else load it, go for a good Metric Tonne Rate and separate materials to make tipping cheaper. ie keep tiles, bricks, concrete in separate piles.
  • Lighter Materials – Go for a good Cubic Metre Rate, its cheaper than a skip bin and includes loading.

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Look to our team for the best prices when it comes to Sydney rubbish removal. We offer free quotes to customers and never disappoint. We can help with rubbish removal in the CBD and e-waste collection too. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch on 02 9114 9727

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