Rubbish Removal in Sydney and the War on Waste

The war on waste is never ending.

The term itself refers to the constant battle between people, and the waste that we produce. It means becoming more sustainable, reducing, reusing and recycling everything possible.

Fighting waste doesn’t just mean dealing with it once it’s produced. It’s also about pre-emptive measures, like reducing materials that we use on a daily basis.

Being successful in waste reductions means that we’ll never have to deal with the waste that many items eventually become.

In the war on waste, we’re doing our part. Here’s how.



In all of our rubbish removal undertakings in Sydney, we operate sustainably. But what exactly does that mean?

  • We reuse or re-purpose where possible.
  • Only use registered recycling depots.
  • Only dispose of waste to licensed and EPA accredited landfill sites.
  • Protect the storm water system to ensure no pollution is caused.
  • Use vehicles with filter systems, which stop harmful diesel emissions from entering the atmosphere.

Therefore, we are doing everything possible to look after the environment. At the same time, we effectively remove and responsibly deal with all kinds of waste items.


Efficiency and Professionalism

At Sydney City Rubbish, when we commit ourselves to a rubbish removal project, we leave nothing behind.

We strongly believe that every single job requires the utmost commitment, and an extremely thorough process.

Whilst undertaking a Sydney rubbish removal project, we scour the area before leaving. This ensures that absolutely no waste is accidentally left behind.



It’s imperative that when dealing with any kind of waste, safe practices are ensured.

No one should be dealing with rubbish removal in Sydney (or the rest of the world) without following correct safety procedures.

This is one part of the war on waste which is often neglected. However, at Sydney City Rubbish, we practice safety on every job.



We do our best to educate organisations on proper waste management when removing rubbish in the Sydney area.

It’s through education that the war on waste will be won. Therefore, it’s imperative that we impart our knowledge on anyone willing to listen.

You’ll have a far more positive impact on the environment when you’re able to effectively deal with waste in your business.

Check out more of our blog posts to get an idea of how you can better manage the waste that you or your business produces.


To discuss a Sydney rubbish removal service for your business or premises, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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