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A residential construction or renovation project will produce a wide range of rubbish, and this junk needs to be dealt with. It doesn’t matter if the job is a simple bathroom renovation, or a new development of a few townhouses. There will be building waste, and this junk needs to be removed in an efficient and effective manner.

At Sydney City Rubbish, we’ve worked with clients in the construction industry, all over the city. We know exactly what it takes to deliver an exceptional residential building waste removal service, and we’re extremely adaptable. This means we can work with builders on all kinds of projects, big and small.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at what makes excellent Sydney residential building waste removal.

What residential building waste do we take?

There is a huge range of waste types present on any building site. We’ve all seen the piles of junk that accrue on a residential construction site. And much of the time, this junk simply sits there until the end of the job… and in the meantime, it causes plenty of issues.

We deal with all kinds of residential building junk, including:

Wood waste, which includes offcuts, excess materials, damaged pieces from demolition or strip-out stages, and treated timber. Do note that treated and untreated wood must be separated, as they are recycled and disposed of in different ways.

Scrap metal, including pipes, old fixtures and fittings, offcuts, nails and screws, aluminium, and sheet metal. Most scrap metal products can be recycled, which is excellent news for the environment.

Concrete and rubble are present on virtually every building site! This kind of waste often comes from ripping up driveways, paths, or slabs, or even pouring fresh concrete. Again, these materials can find other purposes, so long as they are separated and removed by an expert residential building waste removal company.

Bricks and tiles are present on every single renovation or demolition project. There might also be excess or broken bricks and tiles on new construction sites, of every size. These materials can be used for applications such as road fill for new roads and repairs.

Plastics come in many forms on a building site. It might be soft plastic wrap from new materials, pipes, and plumbing, or general waste. Much of this plastic can be recycled, so it’s essential to remove it properly.

Glass is yet another common residential building waste material that we deal with. Glass is regularly thrown into waste piles with other materials like rubble, soil, and tiles. This should be avoided where possible because glass remains a highly-recyclable material.

Insulation often ends up strewn about a building site. This is because it easily tears, and does also need to be resized much of the time. Older forms of insulation were hazardous if breathed in, but these days insulation is more recyclable and safer.

No matter your residential building waste, we can help. We’ve worked with businesses and projects ranging from single-room renovations to large apartment buildings. Whatever your residential construction waste needs, Sydney City Rubbish has you covered.

How can Sydney City Rubbish help?

We can help remove residential building and demolition waste on many kinds of projects. These are just a few examples.


A home or apartment renovation is an involved process. Firstly, there will be a strip-out stage or demolition process. When this process is complete, there will be waste that must be removed and disposed of, and that’s where we can help. Some projects may require multiple building waste removal services, such as once every couple of days, or once a week. This is where it’s essential to have a reliable, and efficient residential waste removal company on hand.

New builds

New building projects, such as apartments and houses, will produce even more waste than renovation or refurbishment projects. This is because there are inevitably piles of timber offcuts, excess rubble and soil, plastic waste, and much more. Generally, trades will pile this junk just off-site, particularly when bins or skips aren’t used. This residential construction waste must be removed promptly, to ensure a safe building site and to remove eyesores.

Tight areas and small job sites

Not enough space for a skip bin? Not a problem, we can help! We’ll collect your waste by hand and carry it away in our trucks, as regularly as required. We deliver a swift pick-up, ensuring that you can get on with the job at hand. Whether your residential building project requires a regular rubbish removal service, or simply a one-off, Sydney City Rubbish has got you covered.

Sustainable construction waste removal

Sustainable construction waste removal is incredibly important to us at Sydney City Rubbish. We work hard to create a green brand, and we always prioritise an eco-friendly outcome for residential building waste (and any other waste!).

We do this by following a few principles:

– Reduce, reuse, and repurpose waste
– Partnering with certified green facilities
– Comprehensive waste separation
– Fully understanding the impact of poor waste management.

When it comes to Sydney residential building waste, plenty of the common materials are highly recyclable, or can be reused on other projects. We promote this outcome wherever possible, and the environment always benefits. Our people are highly trained in green waste removal practices, so you’re always in good hands.

Sydney residential building waste removal today

Looking for rubbish removal for your residential building site in Sydney? We’re ready to help. At Sydney City Rubbish, we’ll beat any written quote by 10%. Simply click here for an obligation-free estimate for your junk removal job. We look forward to hearing from you.

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