Removing Heavy Industrial Machinery in Sydney

At Sydney City Rubbish, we come across all kinds of junk on our adventures. Some waste types are easier to remove than others, particularly if the items are on the smaller side. But one of the most difficult types of junk to remove is heavy industrial machinery. These pieces, even when broken down, are incredibly heavy and bulky, and require specialist equipment. It’s impossible for a business to handle this waste themselves.

Never fear, we’re here to help. Our expert crews are equipped with all the vehicles and machinery required to remove and dispose of your old industrial equipment and machinery in Sydney. We’ll utilise our experience and our crane trucks to lift your heavy junk with ease, and then transport it to the appropriate waste facility. When you call us to handle your old industrial machinery removal, you’re in good hands.

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Why get rid of old industrial machinery?

You might be getting rid of your old industrial machinery for one of a few different reasons. Much of the time, the machines or equipment simply don’t work anymore. Or, they don’t work as well as they used to and therefore, they are impacting the efficiency of your factory or warehouse operation. That’s not good for business.

Alternatively, you might be vacating your facility or shutting down your business, and you simply can’t take these machines with you. Getting rid of them becomes a serious problem, because large machines made of iron, steel, and other materials, are impossible to shift without the right vehicles and equipment.

If you need to get rid of old industrial machinery, you need Sydney City Rubbish.

What kind of old machinery do we take?

We take all kinds of old machinery from factories and warehouses across Sydney. We’ll do it swiftly and safely, and we’ll always have a smile on our faces.

Manufacturing machinery

Manufacturing machines and plant are generally large, and can come in multiple components. These old machines often include milling and drilling machinery, quality testing machines, surface treatment machines, and assemby line machinery. All of these can be incredibly heavy, bulky, and extremely difficult to dispose of.

Packaging machines

Packaging machines are essential for any operation that produces and despatches a product. They are common in both factories and warehouses, and often involve a number of components. These machines are heavy-duty and tough to move. But when a packaging machine no longer works as it should, it has to go.

Sorting equipment

Sorting is an essential process for many manufacturing operations and warehouses that send out goods. To do this effectively and efficiently, large sorting equipment is often used. These machines may include a conveyor belt section, and are therefore large and difficult to remove. If you are getting rid of old sorting machinery, you need the experts.

Printing machines

Large printing machines are yet another example of bulky machinery that is incredibly difficult to get rid of. They’re made up of a number of heavy metal components and require certain equipment to move safely.

What happens to your heavy industrial machinery?

The outcome usually depends on what the client requests. However, most of the time, the machinery will be taken to a scrap metal processing facility. There, it’s broken down into smaller parts and different metals will be separated. Once that has occurred, the metals will be further broken down and reused in the manufacturing process for new metal products. We’re committed to an environmentally friendly result for every piece of old heavy machinery.

What are the benefits of expert heavy machinery removal in Sydney?

Dealing with old machinery yourself is fraught with problems. On the other hand, there are immense benefits to hiring an expert rubbish removal company to remove it for you.

It’s safer

It goes without saying that removing heavy machinery and similar items comes with plenty of risk. You can remove most of this risk by hiring an expert contractor that knows exactly what they are doing. At Sydney City Rubbish, we’ve dealt with bulky and heavy waste time and time again and we know how to run the project safely.

Our waste removel specialists are highly-trained in safe removal of a wide range of junk and rubbish, machinery included. We’re also experts when it comes to safely operating the required vehicles and machinery, and our people are always equipped with quality personal protective equipment. All in all, you’re in safe hands with Sydney City Rubbish.

We have the equipment for the job

Dealing with incredibly heavy waste items requires certain vehicles and equipment. We make use of our crane trucks to lift and transport these items safely and efficiently. Not every waste removal company is equipped with the same tools for the job. And without them, it’s impossible to safely shift these heavy waste items.


We mentioned earlier that we always prioritise a sustainable outcome for the waste that we remove. This includes when dealing with heavy machinery and similar bulky waste. We’ll assess the items and the materials that they are made from, and ensure that they are taken to a recycling facility. This ensures that the materials can be reused and the environment wins.

Expert old machinery removal in Sydney

If you’re looking for affordable machinery removal in Sydney, you’re in the right place. We’re the best in the business and we’d love to work with you.

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