Reducing the Risk of Fire with Green Waste Management

The current hot, dry climate means there’s an extreme risk of fire across Sydney.

Moreover, a buildup of green waste presents an enormous risk. Whether it’s in backyards, parks or public spaces, green waste needs to be removed swiftly and responsibly.

By doing this, you’re helping to reduce the risk of fire, which as we can see at the moment across the country, can be absolutely catastrophic.

Here are some tips on reducing the risk of fire with good waste management.


Don’t Let Waste Build Up

It’s imperative that you don’t let your green waste build up.

Large collections of dry, dead branches and leaves presents a huge fire hazard, especially throughout our dry summer.

Moreover, it can end up costing far more money to remove green waste when it gets out of hand, and hard to get to.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to check your green spaces on a regular basis, and schedule a regular waste removal, to stay safe.


Keep Waste Compact

In the event of a fire, green waste which is strewn about your yard or property will help it to spread and escalate quickly.

Therefore, it’s best to pile up green waste in small piles before removing it.

This makes it much easier to remove when you hire a waste removal contractor, and also reduces the risk of fire spreading quickly.


Have a Storage Option 

Decide on what kind of waste removal receptacle you’re going to hire.

For example, at Sydney City Rubbish, we offer a range of affordable, professional options for green waste removal.

These options include skip bags, four wheeled bins and our waste removal trucks. You can read about these options here.

Our skip bags, for instance, are great for hiring and filling with green waste over a period of time. And when they are full, you simply call us and we pick them up.


Don’t Overfill Bins

When you overfill green waste bins, you’re simply creating another fire risk.

A bin which is overly full of green rubbish presents a huge risk to your property. If a fire spreads to overfilled green waste bins, they will accelerate the fire exponentially.

As well as that, overfilling bins makes life hard for those removing them.


Don’t Let Waste Block Exits

Whilst this doesn’t cause a fire, having waste block your exits presents a health and safety risk to your tenants or occupants.

If there is a fire, this waste can hamper people from making a safe exit from your premises, which can result in injury or death.


To discuss waste removal for fire prevention, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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