Reducing Plastic in Your Workplace

Plastic in our workplaces is a big problem.

The best way forward is reduction. By reducing the amount of plastic in our offices and other workplaces, we will avoid the problem of it becoming rubbish down the track.

Moreover, if we cannot reduce, we repurpose. And then if we are unable to repurpose, we recycle. This is the best way to deal with plastic, and to avoid it ending up in landfill.

This is the way that we handle rubbish removal at Sydney City Rubbish. Sustainability is the most important thing, and we prioritise it in every rubbish removal project.

There are a number of ways to combat plastic in the office, as well as other workplaces.

Here are the most common types, and how to best deal with them.


Water Bottles

Single use plastic water bottles present a huge problem when it comes to plastic pollution.

In Australia alone, we use more than 400 million plastic water bottles every single year. This is a huge figure, and equates to about 16 bottles per person, annually.

Staff in many workplaces purchase and drink water from single use plastic bottles. In fact, a recent report found that each week 5.3 million people drank bottled water.

Education is one way to reduce the prevalence of plastic water bottles in your workplace. Encourage your staff to go with more sustainable options.

Furthermore, putting a blanket ban on plastic water bottles is not at all unreasonable and has been successful in a number of companies.



Plastic straws have been phased out in a number of big cities across the world, but in Australia we are lagging behind.

A huge number of straws end up in rivers, lakes and oceans around the world. In fact, studies have indicated there are literally billions of straws in waterways and on coastlines around the world.

Unfortunately, the weight and shape of straws means they easily slip down a drain.

It’s not at all difficult to replace straws in your workplace; there are a number of paper and metal alternatives available, at very affordable prices.


Cups and Containers

Plastic water cups are being phased out but are still present in many offices.

This is disappointing, because there are a number of alternatives that are far better for the environment, the main one being paper cups.

Even better for the environment are reusable cups, mugs and utensils. Replace your plastic cups with glasses, coffee mugs, plates and bowls.

Encourage your staff to use these implements for the food and beverages, and you’ll see a steep decline in plastic waste.

And less waste means less rubbish for removal in your Sydney workplace.



Plastic wrapping is commonly found on a number of items in offices, and other workplaces.

Stationary, printing supplies, paper and cardboard can all come in various forms of plastic wrapping, which then needs to be disposed of properly.

Reduce this type of waste by working with suppliers that forego plastic wrapping.


To discuss rubbish removal in Sydney for your business, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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