Recycling: Plastics to Avoid

There are some plastics that we should do our best to avoid. This helps to reduce our carbon footprint and promote eco-friendly practices.

Unfortunately, a number of common items that we use on a daily basis contain a mixture of plastics that are extremely difficult to recycle.

Therefore, it’s important that we are educated about what can be recycled, and what can’t be, or is more difficult.

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Here are some plastic items to avoid, due to difficulties in recycling them.

Water Bottles

Plastic water bottles cause problems all over the world.

They end up in parks, waterways and throughout cities. Unfortunately, they result in massive damage to flora and fauna, particularly in the ocean.

Therefore, they simply need to be reduced.

Fortunately, single use plastic bottles are easily avoided. Simply purchase a reusable water bottle, and make a commitment to the environment.

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are another culprit when it comes to pollution in bodies of water, including rivers, oceans and lakes.

Whilst they are being phased out across Australia, there are still many of these around.

It’s always better to go for reusable alternatives when it comes to bags. Thankfully, most supermarkets have reuseable bags for purchase, made from eco-friendly materials.


In Australia, plastic straws are still far too common.

Thankfully though, a number of companies are starting to produce alternatives, often made out of paper or metal.

These biodegradable or reusable straws are a much better alternative to plastic straws, which are extremely difficult to recycle.

Moreover, due to the size of straws, they often end up everywhere.

Some Containers

There are a number of food containers which are difficult to recycle, because of the composition of the plastic.

These include punnets for berries, pre-packaged meal trays (often black or brown) and plastic yoghurt pots.

These ones are difficult to avoid, when buying these products.

Therefore, it’s best to look for any alternatives possible when shopping, or try to find uses for these containers once you’re finished with them.


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