Recycled Workstations For Your Office: Pros and Cons

Recycled Workstations For Your Office: Pros and Cons

A recycled workstation is what the name suggests: it’s a workstation made from recycled components. This means the components located inside the workstation are already used and may be in need of updates, but they can get the job done. This also means that recycled workstations can be theoretically cheaper and can be a temporary fix if your company needs to work immediately but you don’t have the budget.

If you’re wondering as to whether or not a recycled workstation is for you, here are some pros and cons:


Pros: It Saves A Lot!

Recycled workstations are extremely helpful if you lack resources to get heavy-duty workstations for your employees. These can be your temporary fix while you slowly upgrade your components into much more functional workstations.

In order to save the money however timing is critical. You must be able to move the workstations from the office they are being removed from directly to your office without having to store them. Storage and repeat transport costs can escalate making it unfeasible to store workstations for later use.




Perhaps the best thing about recycled workstations come with the title itself. The workstation you’re getting is used, which means generally the price is cheaper. This is efficient especially if you don’t have a lot of money to spare, or if you need to save up money first to buy new components through working.

  • There are a lot of deals that can get you cheaper workstations provided you find the right people to talk to about it.
  • Workstations can now come in sets, which means you can get them on much cheaper deals than having to buy every component separately.
  • Workstations can be found on ebay ( or Gumtree (
  • Sydney City Rubbish gives workstations away generally at a very reduced price however you need to be available at the time to pick them up from our site prior to disposal. We advertise on our website and facebook pages when workstations are available. You can also sign up to our Free Furniture Mailing List to be up to date with freebies.


Lead Time


Setting up a recycled workstation is quick and easy, since everything you need is already at your disposal. The real work starts when your employees have to make sure components of their workstations are already working. However, outside these, setting up a workstation with recycled components takes less time than usual. This extremely saves time, especially if you need to start doing work immediately. Since all the components you need are already there, you just have to make sure they’re working to the capacity your work needs.

If you need assistance setting up or dismantling workstations, we have trained staff on hand to assist as a reasonable hourly rate.


Cons: Is It Necessary?


As much as recycled workstations are attractive, they certainly have their own disadvantages. Here are some disadvantages and cons you have to look at in order to determine whether a recycled workstation is for you.




You may need to consider that a recycled workstation means getting what you see, so customization isn’t always an option for you. Recycled workstations can appear amazing or mediocre depending on the last person who used them, so you might have to do some cleaning before fully installing them.


  • The time and resources it takes to check the functionality of certain devices and workstation elements can be just as costly as getting yourself brand new equipment, so always take this into consideration.
  • Always check if the recycled equipment you’re going to get is something you can use. Catalogue all those things you may have to replace in the long run so you can have a timetable on what materials to replace, and what materials can still be used.
  • Make sure the configuration is the same, ie some workstations are only able to be configured in banks of 2 or 4 or 6.




Using a recycled workstation means going a bit “behind” before going for a more modernized workplace setup. This can be crucial for all businesses, as technology is vastly improving every single day. If you have the resources and the manpower to adjust into using used equipment, then you’re in luck. But if they’re not used to used workstations, then you may have to do some adjustments.


  • Getting yourself a recycled workstation means only being able to buy a more updated version of the materials and components inside of it when you have the budget.
  • Remember that not all recycled workstations have all the functional equipment you need, so you might have to update systems first before they become fully functional.
  • If you mix and match workstation styles it can be an eyesore! It can make your office look cluttered and messy.


Other Considerations


When debating on using a recycled workstation or not, it’s important to look at more than the pros and cons of the situation. There are inherent “factors” that are outside the advantages and disadvantages scale that might be just as important. If you’ve looked at the cons and pros above, then you might want to check these factors:



When we talk about a recycled workstation, it doesn’t automatically mean that all elements of a workstation will be recycled. This is an important consideration on your end, and something extremely important to assess: just how much of the workstation will be “recycled” ?


  • You have to assess which materials you plan on retaining and which parts you’re replacing. This can range from the furniture to the actual electrical components and gadgets that are featured with the workstation you’re getting.
  • Always remember that materials depreciate in both price and value over time, which means quality of said materials deteriorate naturally. How soon is a certain material’s expiration date, or fragile does some of your furniture look?


It might be better to make sure gadgets such as computers are up to date, especially now that we rely so much on technology. Physical components such as chairs and tables depreciate slower, so they can be used for a longer period.




It’s important to remember that recycled workstations aren’t always the most perfect of workstations. Getting into one means you’re not using materials that are fresh and brand new. You have to consider the fact that sometimes, you may come to a point that you’ll have to repair some materials that can potentially break down.


  • While price is a big consideration for the advantage of recycled workstations, always remember that at some point along the line, some materials in your workstations will have to be replaced.
  • Perhaps an important consideration is to determine whether or not it’s much more practical to replace equipment with brand new ones immediately, or wait for a while.
  • Remember, repairing or replacing a component in your workplace can potentially halt the productivity of the worker using the said workstation. This means you have to have plans in check when the time comes for the employee to have their workstation replaced or repaired.



Recycled workstations are certainly extremely attractive when it comes to their advantages, but they still have cons and disadvantages that might draw the line in the sand. It’s essential to understand just what recycled workstations can offer you and your company before opting to use them, as they can contribution to the overall performance of your employees.


This means there has to be careful consideration to various elements of a recycled workstation that you would want to implement to your workforce. If you do have plans of implementing such a route for your workers, it may be recommended to do a risk assessment first not just on the costs but on how such a plan can contribute to the long-term goals of your company.

If you would like to know more about recycled workstations and how you can help the environment by recycling phone us on (02) 9114 9727


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