Planning Ahead for a Kitchen Demolition

It’s essential that when you decide on a kitchen demolition, you plan ahead.


By thoroughly planning out your process, you can avoid the kind of unwanted obstacles that might pop up.


Ultimately, these issues that come with a lack of planning can cost you time, money and even result in injury.


A kitchen demolition and renovation is an investment in your future, so it needs to be done right. Therefore, here are some things to think about before you begin.


Hire a Professional Demolition Contractor


To save money, stress and time, it’s best to hire a demolition contractor from the outset.


Sydney City Rubbish have plenty of experience at demolishing kitchens of all sizes, both domestic and commercial.


We can handle your project from the planning stage to completion, with extreme care and professionalism.


Contract a Surveyor


This isn’t a necessity for everyone conducting a bathroom renovation.


However, if you’re unsure about the layout of water and electricity in your kitchen, or don’t have the blueprints, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Avoid an accident, or serious structural damage, by hiring a surveyor to assess your kitchen. They’ll be able to put together a thorough report that will give you peace of mind.


Decide on Your New Materials


Before you commence a strip out and renovation, it’s a good idea to have decided on the materials you’ll be having installed.


That is, you should know exactly which tiling, fixtures, benchtops, cabinets and shower/bath you’re having installed in your kitchen.


If you don’t decide on this early on, you may be rushed into a decision later on in the process. This can result in selecting materials that aren’t ideal for your bathroom.


That’s something you may regret for years to come, so don’t be hasty when choosing.


Temporary Appliances


Your kitchen will be out of action for some time, so you’ll need to plan ahead to have somewhere to cook in the meantime.


For instance, having a mini-fridge, a portable grill and microwave handy will allow you to set up a temporary kitchen.


This means you can continue to cook whilst your kitchen is under renovation, thereby minimising the hassle of the whole process.




To discuss your kitchen demolition needs, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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