Our New Initiative to Prevent Waste in Sydney

At Sydney City Rubbish, we’re fully committed to the most environmentally-friendly waste management techniques available. We always want to be better, to discover new ways to ensure that waste is either reused or recycled.

Our mission is to avoid landfills and other unsustainable junk disposal methods as much as possible. Through our work, we always look for ways to promote the reuse of white goods, old furniture, office junk, desks and workstations, and much more. We see so many items that are still in excellent condition, yet bound for landfills.

Therefore, we decided to establish a Waste Not, Want Not group on Facebook, for residents of Sydney to pass on second-hand goods. This group is for free items only, so that we can ensure the priority is finding the items a new home, and not profit.

We look forward to creating a growing community of sustainable residents in Sydney.

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