Office Stripouts and Fitouts in Sydney: The Benefits of Combined Services

If you’re thinking about renovating your office, there are a number of things to consider. Most importantly, you’ll need to fully understand the process before anything else can happen. This process involves designing your new space, stripping out the existing space, and then building your new office.

At Sydney City Rubbish, we’re able to handle the strip out and rubbish removal aspects of the project, and our sister company Niche Projects can take care of design and construction. Therefore, you have the benefit of working with combined services when you hire us for a strip out and fit out project in the Sydney CBD or surrounding suburbs.

Below is more detail about the office strip out and fit out process.

Office strip out

Before any progress can be made with your new workplace, you’ll need to complete a strip out of the existing office. A strip out will vary in scope from job to job; some will only require a single room strip out, while others will involve dismantling multiple floors of existing office space, construction and design.

Sydney City Rubbish is the best office strip out company in the city. We’re able to complete a defit or strip out of any size, swiftly, safely, and to the highest degree of quality. Then, once we’re finished and we’ve removed all of the strip out waste, and ensure that the waste is dealt with in the most sustainable manner.

Removal of furniture

The first step is to remove any furniture and office junk in the space. Typically, that includes desks and workstations, office chairs, dining chairs and stools, tables, benches, sofas, and any other miscellaneous furniture. Much of this furniture can be reused or onsold, so we’ll work with you to get the best outcome.

Stripping out finishes and fixtures

Once the furniture has been removed, we’ll commence with removing all of your finishes and fixtures. That includes materials and items like carpet, lighting, tiles (where required), kitchen benches, cabinets and storage units, and more. This step strips everything back to an effectively empty space, that still has walls, ceilings, and floors.

Removal of floors, walls, and electrical

The next stage of a fit out doesn’t apply to all projects. This is where we remove the walls, electrical components, ceilings and strip back any other part of the existing office structure. Once this step is complete, the office is ready for a fresh fit out.

Office design

The office design stage will actually begin before the office strip out. That’s because the design of your new office will determine what is removed during the strip out process. For instance, there may be some elements of the existing fit out that will actually work well with your new workspace. It’s important to get this stage right so that you don’t create further work for yourself down the line.

Optimise your layout

Crafting a quality layout for your office space is really important. This is the blueprint for your operational set-up, so it needs to be done right. This stage involves determining the number of staff you’re expected to have in the office at any given time. From there, we can work out how many workstations are required, as well as meeting rooms, bathrooms, and more.

Once we’ve determined the elements required for your workplace, we’ll then work to optimise your layout. That means creating a workplace that people enjoy, which provides a great user experience, and excellent accessibility. In the end, a well-thought-out layout will have a significant impact on productivity in your workplace.

Ensure flexibility

Flexibility is essential in every modern office. There are more employees working remotely than ever before, and this means offices need to be more flexible. A modern office should ensure that there is a certain level of flexibility within the workplace. This means providing working areas for different types of workers, creating the same comfort they have at home.

The benefits of flexible working are enormous and go a long way toward creating a happier, more dynamic workplace. They include more creative employees, stronger social relationships between workers, and higher accuracy in their work. Workers who love their office will also feel much more positive about the organisation they work for, which is an excellent result.

Select finishes

Once your layout has been locked in, you can start selecting the finishes. This includes your floors, walls, and ceilings. It also includes the benches and cabinetry in your office kitchen, and benches and tiling in your bathrooms. The finishes are the final part of the construction process. Once they are completed, you’ll be able to start moving in furniture, equipment, and your staff!

Expert office design is a must

Niche Projects are experts in office design in Sydney. When designing a new workplace it’s important to work with a firm with the right experience and understanding of the market. We’re ready to help!

Office fit out

The process of the office fit out only begins when the strip out is complete and the office design process has been finalised. In essence, the fit out is the reverse process of the strip out. This is where we install walls, floors, ceilings, and electrical components. Then, decorations and furniture follow.

Walls, floors, and ceilings

First of all, we’ll lay floors and walls. This will be in accordance with the client’s chosen office design and layout, aiming to create the ideal workspace. Walls will create different rooms and work areas, and the flooring will be prepared for finishes. Electrical components will also be inserted at this point.

Finishes and fixtures

Once walls and floors have been inserted and laid, finishes and fixtures will be added to the office. This includes floor finishes like carpet, timber floors, and tiles, along with wall coverings such as paint, acoustic panels, and more. The office kitchen will be built, along with bathrooms, data rooms, and much more. This is probably the most involved step of the fit out process.


After the finishes and fixtures are installed, the office will be ready for furniture. This means installing workstations and desks, equipping meeting rooms and breakout rooms, placing chairs and tables in the kitchen area, and adding equipment. Once that’s done, computers and electronics will be installed.

The last word

In summary, it’s clear that the strip out and fit out processes are very involved. Therefore, it pays to have combined services available to handle every single aspect of the process. Our combined services at Sydney City Rubbish and Niche Projects can handle any strip out and fit out project in Sydney.

Simply get in touch with us today.

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