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If you’re preparing to design and construct a new office, you’ll need to perform a strip out first. This is best done by an expert office strip out company, such as Sydney City Rubbish. We’ve got the experience, expertise, and tools for the job. It’s essential that you hire a contractor that knows exactly how to handle this kind of project… or it can go very wrong.

We have years of experience in commercial office strip outs in Sydney. We’ve worked with offices of all sizes, from big to small, removing all kinds of fit out components. We work quickly and safely at all times, ensuring you can return to work sooner.

Looking for an office strip out? We’re ready to help.

What is an office strip out?

An office strip out involves removing the components of an existing office fit out. This is usually done so that the tenant or building owner can prepare to install a new fit out, or turn the space into something entirely different. Every strip out varies in the scope of work required. One project might involve removing just the office kitchen, while another project could see us removing multiple floors of existing office space.

The majority of office strip outs require the removal of elements like:

– Office furniture
– Floor finishes such as carpet, tiles, laminate
– Partitions and temporary walls
– Office kitchens
– Bathrooms
– Electrical components
– Plumbing
– HVAC systems.

Again, it really depends on the scope of the job. Some projects will require us to leave all electrical and plumbing components for the next fit out, while others need everything removed. This is established in detail before the commencement of the job.

When do you need a commercial strip out?

If your office is looking a little tired and requires an office renovation, or you’re moving out of your existing space, you’ll need to remove the existing fit out. We work with companies to prepare their office space for the next stage, or to make good when departing the building. This is often a requirement detailed in their commercial lease.

It’s critical that you hire the right company for the job. You want someone reliable, with experience, who isn’t going to cause damage to the existing structure of the building. At Sydney City Rubbish, we’re the best in the business when it comes to stripping out and carefully demolishing offices in the Sydney CBD and surrounding areas.

What tools are used for an office strip out in Sydney

An office strip out Sydney requires a wide range of tools. That includes the standard demolition tools like sledgehammers, crowbars, hammers, drills, impact drivers, chisels, pliers, and much more. We also utilise heavy-duty tools for certain jobs, such as jackhammers, grinders, and reciprocating saws. All of these tools are maintained to the highest standard, and our people are highly trained in their use, ensuring safe operation at all times.

What are the benefits of an expert strip out for your office?

Attempting to handle an office strip out yourself is fraught with danger. There’s the likelihood of accidents, potential damage to the structure of the building, and added cost of hiring tools. Hiring the experts comes with a huge range of benefits.

Efficient processes

An experienced demolition company knows how to get the job done efficiently. We’ve done it many times, meaning we understand exactly what works and what doesn’t. We’ve learned how to be more effective with our time, through trial and error. Our training also creates a more productive job site, so we’ll remain on-track throughout the project.

Health and safety protocols

There are plenty of risks and hazards in a demolition or strip out project. These must be eliminated and protected against wherever possible. The safety and wellbeing of our people and anyone else on site are always the top priority. We’ll take the time to identify and assess any hazards and take steps to nullify them. Our demolition experts are always equipped with the right protective equipment, creating a safer and more professional environment.

Quality tools

Using the latest tools and equipment allows us to stay ahead of the competition. We always update our equipment to make sure that we’re giving ourselves the best chance of success. This means we can complete more difficult tasks and jobs with ease, and our clients always benefit. We love delivering exceptional office strip out services, every time.

A wealth of experience

Experience is essential in a demolition project. An inexperienced contractor will find it harder to stay on schedule, and may well cause damage to areas that aren’t supposed to be touched. They might not follow the same stringent health and safety procedures, meaning a higher chance of accident and injury on-site. A lack of experience can also mean higher costs for the client, thanks to missed deadlines, damages, and inefficient use of resources.

Demolition waste removal

Every office strip out project results in a significant amount of waste. It’s what you do with this waste that counts… and we’ve got you covered. At Sydney City Rubbish, waste removal is our bread and butter. We specialise in removing construction and demolition waste from sites all over Sydney, large and small. That means we’ll have no problem removing the junk from your strip out project, and dealing with it in a sustainable manner.

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If you’re looking for a Sydney office strip out, you’re in the right place. We love working with building owners and tenants to deliver exceptional outcomes, and prepare for their next office fit out project.

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