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Have you got an old mattresses that you are finding harder and harder to dispose of? Is it cluttering up your garage or spare room?
Mattress removal used to be easy to do. Between council pick ups or recycling plants they used to be no trouble. However more and more councils and tips are turning away mattresses.
Why is this? Recycling plants use the springs that are removed as scrap metal and foam can also be recycled and turned into carpet underlay.  Timber recovered can either be sent to non-profit community organisations for use in hobby workshops. These seem like good options yet mattress removal is something we get calls about every day.

What type of mattress do you dispose of?

Mattresses can include sponge, foam, latex, inner spring or ensembles. Mattress recycling require different handling methods to ordinary waste to ensure safe disposal. Sydney City Rubbish will take all types, shapes and sizes of mattresses for a flat fee per piece.

Will my tip accept my mattresses?

Mattresses and ensemble bases can be accepted for drop-off at some tips facilities located in Metropolitan Sydney, however these come with fee’s per piece dropped off.

Sydney City Rubbish customers can contact us for a mattress removal quote on 02 9114 9727.

What else can I do with my mattresses?

If your mattress is in a reasonable condition, contact a charity organisation to see if they will collect it. Please contact your local council for more information.
We here at Sydney City Rubbish have over 10 years experience doing demolition and Rubbish Removal in Sydney and the CBD. With our experience and knowledge you can have peace of mind knowing you are in safe hands.

We will protect your floor, walls and belongings. We clean up after ourselves to ensure your absolute satisfaction. It doesn’t matter if you are in the City, East or Inner West, no matter where you are or what rubbish you have, we are here to help you take a load off and enjoy your long weekend.

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For more information  call us on (02) 9114 9727 for a free inspection and quote or CLICK HERE to book a free quote online.

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