Making Your Business More Sustainable

In 2022, sustainability in business is more important than ever. But what does it mean to be sustainable, what are the benefits, and how exactly do you do it?

What does it mean to be sustainable?

We hear phrases like sustainable, eco-friendly and green, very often. But what does it actually mean for a business to be sustainable? In essence, it’s about eliminating any negative impact on the environment and the community.

Businesses that are sustainable:

– Produce less waste.
– Reuse or recycle the waste they do produce.
– Use less water and power.
– Are involved in green initiatives.
– Source supplies sustainably.
– Reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

What are the benefits of being more sustainable?

A business that can claim to be truly sustainable will see a wide array of benefits.

Higher standing

Sustainable businesses often have a higher standing in their respective industry, and this will only be more important as we move forward. People care about sustainability, and there will often be ratings and reviews that take this into account. Therefore, if you make serious efforts to be a greener business, your standing in the industry will likely improve.

Stronger business relations

Clients, customers, partners and stakeholders will also care about the impact your business is having on the environment and the community. Other businesses take note of who they work with, and sustainability is a metric in these decisions. That’s why ensuring eco-friendly practices throughout your organisation can help build more positive, and stronger business relations.

Happier employees

Research has shown that these days, employees do care about what their employers are doing to help the environment. In fact, 70% of job seekers said that an employer that has a sustainability program is much more appealing. This means that you’ll be more likely to attract workers who care. What’s more, the people who already work for you will be much happier if you’re making concerted efforts to create an eco-friendly workplace.

Better relationship with the environment

It goes without saying that sustainable practices mean your business will ultimately have a more positive relationship with the environment. You’ll be creating less rubbish, using less electricity and water, and maybe even planting trees or contributing to some other program! At the end of the day, a more positive relationship with the environment is one of the ultimate goals of being a more sustainable business.

How do you make your business more sustainable?

Businesses can talk about sustainability all they want. But how do you make it happen?

Zero waste

Zero waste should be the aim of all businesses, but it’s not that easy… we get it! However, taking whatever steps you can to get closer to zero waste is still a win. Every little bit counts, so it’s worth making that effort. A commitment over time is required to eventually get to (or as close as possible) to zero waste.

This kind of action requires the input and effort of all employees, from the top to the bottom. That means everyone needs to be educated on how to get to zero waste, and what actions they can take to contribute to the targets set by your business. Once everyone is onboard, your chances of hitting your goals are far higher.

Go digital

Removing paper waste from your business entirely is a great way to be more eco-friendly. And these days, we have more than enough programs and software to complete many kinds of work without the need for paper. One way to implement this strategy effectively is to set up a ‘digital team’ of sorts, made up of employees who can research and integrate programs to remove paper.

Sustainable sourcing

If you sell products, or find yourself ordering large quantities of stationary and other necessary equipment, do whatever you can to source sustainably. This means finding products that are either recyclable or made from recycled materials, or where possible, entirely biodegradable. And there are suppliers out there!

Research will inevitably be required, to find the right companies to source from, and ensure that they are as eco-friendly as they claim to be. Once you find the right suppliers to work with though, give yourself a pat on the back… your customers and your employees will be pretty happy too!

Work with a waste management company

A truly eco-friendly business must have a great waste management company on speed dial. It’s very difficult to be zero waste, so you will need help when waste actually does crop up. At Sydney City Rubbish, we work with businesses all over Sydney to deliver eco-friendly waste management and rubbish removal solutions.

A green rubbish removal company will always prioritise recycling and reuse over simply throwing junk into landfill. That means that by proxy, hiring a company that really does care means your business is taking action to be more sustainable.

Support a local cause

This is a great one because it allows you to be more sustainable while connecting with your local community. One example is working with a local company who deals with organic and food waste. They can remove your leftover food or food scraps and ensure it is either eaten by those who need it (obviously for unopened items), or turned into compost.

Eco-friendly packaging

Depending on what your business actually does, you should be considering your packaging. Sustainable packaging, made from paper or another biodegradable material, is always better than plastic. And if you’re sending out products to customers, they’ll be much happier receiving a paper or compostable satchel.

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