‘Making Good’ and Office Strip Outs

The term make-good refers to a clause that appears in most commercial lease agreements.

It essentially means that upon the end of the lease and upon vacating your office, you have to ‘make-good’ the office space; that is, leaving it in its original condition.

Unfortunately, the term ‘original condition’ can be a grey area for some and making good is a process that can be fraught with danger.

There have been more than a few disputes between tenant and landlord over the condition of an office space after vacating.

The process of stripping out and making good can be costly and stressful for any business owner, especially when the requirements of the makegood are quite rigorous.

Depending on the extent of alteration to the office space, before you vacate you’ll either need to have a soft or hard strip out completed.

It’s of the utmost importance you employ an experienced contractor for this job.

Sydney City Rubbish can perform comprehensive soft or hard strip outs, at a highly professional standard.

We prioritise safety and our staff are experienced, well equipped and come with a positive attitude, ready to tackle any job with the utmost professionalism.

Occasionally, we operate in live environments, where workers are still present in the office. No matter the situation, we take the utmost care.

Soft Strip Out

Perhaps you’re wanting to redesign your office without changing the structural layout of your office space.

Or, you’re vacating the premises but during your time in the space, and you only made temporary changes without altering the structure of the building.

This is where a soft strip out is appropriate.

A soft strip out consists of removing fixtures such as furniture, partitions, signs, lighting, storage units and other unfixed items. It can also involve removing temporary structures.

The usual items we pull out during a soft strip out constitute common commercial waste and office rubbish, which Sydney City Rubbish is adept in dealing with.

Hard Strip Out

A hard strip out is often required before vacating your premises, if you have altered the space structurally.

Alternatively, you may need to entirely change the structure of the office space before occupying, at the beginning of a lease.

If it involves structural changes, a hard fit out is required.

A hard strip out is more involved, and will usually take longer than a soft strip out. It requires more precision, experience and expertise – something we have plenty of.

The process can include removing walls, air-conditioning appliances, and sometimes built in items such as bathrooms and sinks, depending on the extent of the strip out.

Therefore, the kind of office waste that these strip outs require includes plaster, wood and metal items.

Hard strip outs therefore create much more mess, and have more potential to be dangerous, due to the work required and tools used.

This is where our expert safety practices are so important.

We ensure everything is done with safety in mind, both for any of your employees that may still be working in the building, and our own staff.

Our experienced employees operate with the utmost care, and approach every job with an excellent attitude.

We make your strip out as stress-free as possible.

Making Good

Whatever the extent of the strip out required, we’ll ensure you meet the makegood requirements in your lease.

It’s imperative that you employ a professional contractor to handle your strip outs and rubbish removal, to avoid any headaches.

A makegood dispute can cost your business a lot of time and money, and it simply isn’t worth taking the risk.

Rubbish Removal

Upon completion of an office strip out, there is inevitably plenty of waste left over.

This can include various office rubbish such as furniture, wood, plaster, carpet and much more. Disposing of this waste responsibly is the next step in a professional strip out.

Thankfully, Sydney City Rubbish have plenty of experience in taking and disposing of, recycling or repurposing every type of office rubbish.

We practice sustainability and eco-friendly activities in everything we do.

This includes the three R’s: reduce, recycle, reuse. That means every single thing we remove is either disposed of responsibly, recycled or reused.

When we dispose of items into landfill, we only utilise EPA approved disposal facilities.

Our trucks are also fitted with DPF filters, which minimise the diesel emissions that are released into the atmosphere.

When you need to make good on your lease, or require an office strip out, contract a professional company like Sydney City Rubbish.

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