Kitchen Demolition – Pointers from the Professionals

The scope of work required for a kitchen demolition can vary greatly.

Many savvy homeowners will hire a professional strip out company to handle this oft-daunting task, but many also take the DIY route.

If you’re going with the latter, here are some things you need to be well aware of.

Take Care

Safety always comes first.

Make sure you have some experience with the tools you’re using, and wear appropriate clothing when you work.

It’s imperative that you ensure all utilities are off before you begin, including water and electricity. For added protection, wear thick gloves with a rubber lining.


Get a structural engineer to assess your kitchen before you start breaking things.

Load bearing walls need to be avoided at all costs, and you need to know exactly where all of your plumbing and wiring runs.

If you have the blueprint of your house, you’ll be able to more easily identify important structural elements yourself.


Make sure you do plenty of research before you begin.

Spend time studying kitchen demolition online and speak to friends or family who may have dealt with it before.

You need to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into, and must be as informed as possible about the process of a demolition.

In fact, your research may well lead you to the conclusion that hiring a professional is the best way to go.


A kitchen demolition inevitably produces a heap of waste.

This can include fixtures, joinery (cabinets and wooden items), tiles and scrap wood and metal. Plenty of this can be reused if it’s removed in the correct fashion.

By recycling or reusing these items, you’re ensuring that the environmental impact of your demolition project is as minimal as possible.

Hire a Contractor

If this is all a bit much, hire the professionals to take care of your kitchen demolition.

Sydney City Rubbish have a wealth of experience in kitchen demolitions and rubbish removal. Our practices are tried and tested and our experienced staff are efficient.

We hold all the required insurances and our workers always operate a safe and organised working environment.

Furthermore, we practice sustainability with every project, responsibly disposing of or recycling all the rubbish that our work produces.

To discuss your demolition, get in contact here.

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