Rubbish Removal: How to Make Your Sydney Festival Eco-Friendly

Despite traditionally being huge producers of waste, most festivals are striving to become more eco-friendly.

To avoid missing the boat, here are some tips on making your event a littler greener.


Contract a Waste Removal Company

Your event will no doubt produce quite a bit of waste.

To ensure that this waste is managed professionally, with an absolute commitment to sustainability and responsible disposal, you must contract a waste removal company.

Sydney City Rubbish have managed waste removal for a variety of events across Sydney, during and after the fact.

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, so you know that we’ll ensure your festival is as green as possible.

Contracting a professional Sydney rubbish removal contractor will have immense benefits for your festival, and the environment.


Sustainable Tents

A Dutch company called Kartent have developed a tent made entirely out of cardboard, which is 100% recyclable.

Once the festival has finished, the company simply folds up all of the tents and they are recycled at a facility, then used to make new tents.

This is a great way to combat the problem of synthetic tents, 25% of which are left behind at festivals every year.


Bio Glitter

Glitter is an example of micro plastic, which is having a serious impact on the eco-system.

These miniscule pieces of plastic end up polluting soil, and then end up in waterways and subsequently, the ocean.

Once there, they wreak havoc on marine life and habitats.

By selling bio glitter instead of normal glitter, you’ll be greatly reducing your festivals impact on the environment.

This alternative material decomposes in 28 days, as opposed to hundreds of years.

Do you part in rubbish removal for Sydney, and use bio glitter.


Plenty of Waste Receptacles

This one is simple, but important.

You must provide plenty of rubbish bins and recycling points for revelers. Otherwise, if it’s too difficult for people to find a bin, the waste will just end up on the ground.

Avoid this problem by placing bins and recycling points all over the festival location.


No Plastic 

This year, Glastonbury festival in the UK banned plastic single-use water bottles.

By enforcing this rule, they saved on using over one million bottles! That is a huge win for the environment, and more festivals are following this trend.

Every single festival can learn from this, and begin to adapt their own policy to remove plastic from the equation.


To discuss waste management for your festival or event, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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