How to Get Rid of Used Furniture in Sydney

There comes a time when our trusty old couch, desk, or chair just isn’t doing the job anymore. It may have been a stalwart for years but when it starts to fall to pieces and isn’t supporting you anymore… it’s time to let go.

Or maybe it’s not that your furniture is in rough condition, but that you’ve found a fantastic replacement, and you’re just not sure how to dispose of your old pieces (even though they’re in great condition!). This is a common dilemma faced by people all over Sydney… and the world at large!

At Sydney City Rubbish, we’ve been helping individuals and businesses handle their old furniture for years now. We’ve left a trail of very happy clients and customers, ensuring used furniture is always disposed of in the most responsible and practical way.

Here are some things to keep in mind when trying to get rid of used furniture in Sydney.

Catalogue your items

It’s tough to get rid of your used furniture if you don’t exactly know what you’ve got. If you’re only throwing away one couch or chair, then it’s pretty easy. But if you have a bunch of furniture at home and you’re wanting to get rid of it all, it’s important you take a good look and write down what you have. A lot of people don’t understand the magnitude of the task until they start lifting things!

If you’re getting rid of your used office furniture in Sydney, this process is even more important. You’ve no doubt got plenty of desk chairs, desks, workstations, archiving units, and much more, to handle. Making a comprehensive list of items will allow the removal process to run smoothly, and allow ample transportation and time.

Sell your used furniture

Selling used furniture is a great way to get some financial return on your original investment… but it’s not always easy. We’ve all been there – listed a couch or dining set on Gumtree or marketplace, only to have zero interest. Even when you drop the price! And then there are the flaky buyers who disappear faster than you can count.

However, if you can sell your used furniture, that’s a fantastic result. There’s nothing better for the environment (or your hip pocket) than selling your second-hand goods, instead of them ending up in landfills. This is easier said than done for large offices, full of desks, chairs, archiving units, tables and more.

There are companies and rubbish removal professionals that can help you remove large volumes of used furniture and have it sold. This can take the stress and hassle away from you and your company, allowing you to focus on other tasks at hand.

Donate your used furniture

Donating old furniture is a great way to ensure it finds a new home. That makes donating your items a sustainable, easy way to deal with used furniture in Sydney. However, it’s important that you make sure whoever you’re donating to will indeed accept old furniture.

It’s also a great idea to really know the charity that you’re passing on your used goods to. What do they do? Are they non-profit? Finding a charity or organisation that aligns with your personal values will make you feel much better about where your used furniture might be going. Ideally, your furniture will end up in someone’s home, and they’ll be able to get plenty of use out of it.

A note about office furniture

Office furniture is a different kind of beast. In contrast to furniture in the home, there will be much more of it… and often, it’s going to be in better condition than your couch or dining set. However, that doesn’t mean it’s properly recycled every time – many companies simply dump their old office furniture in landfills when redesigning or relocating their business.

This is an unacceptable result, considering that most of these items can be on-sold or donated quite easily! Many businesses do not want to spend the money to have the items relocated or shifted to another business premises, which is to the detriment of the environment. It also results in financial loss, because much of this second-hand office furniture can be sold to other businesses, or online.

Removing and handling this office furniture can be a tough task, which is why the professionals should always be called in. There are plenty of health and safety concerns to take into consideration, along with financial and logistical concerns. At Sydney City Rubbish, we’ll utilise our expertise and experience to get the task done quickly and efficiently.

Contact a Sydney rubbish removal company

The actual process of removing old furniture and taking it to a donation facility or recycling site can be fraught with risk. Moreover, it’s time-consuming, expensive, and stressful. But that’s not the case when you hire a professional Sydney rubbish removal company like Sydney City Rubbish.

We’ll make handling your old furniture an absolute breeze! Our seasoned waste management professionals are the best in the city. Our experience and expertise allows us to remove your used furniture quickly and safely, and we’ll utilise our waste management partnerships to ensure that your home or office furniture is disposed of responsibly.

If you want to know how to get rid of used furniture in Sydney, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish today.

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