How to Book a Council Cleanup

Are you unsure about how to book a council cleanup? Have you got a lot of junk sitting around at home, and heard you can get a free junk pickup by the council? Well, chances are you’re right. In this article, we’ll take a look at council cleanups; what they are, whether or not you’re entitled, and other great rubbish removal options.

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What is a council cleanup?

A council cleanup is a free rubbish pick up service offered by local councils in Australia. The local waste management team will come and collect certain items from your home for free. Usually, this is offered twice a year for residents. However, some council municipalities may have different frequencies, like once a quarter.

Sometimes a council cleanup is referred to as a hard rubbish collection. This is because much of the rubbish that the council takes in these instances is furniture, as well as a range of other household junk and old goods.

How to book a council rubbish pick up

Booking a council rubbish cleanup is usually quite easy. Simply go to your local council’s website. There should be a page for waste management and rubbish. On this page, you can book in a rubbish pickup. Otherwise, you can call your local council and book in the cleanup over the phone.

The council will usually require about 2 weeks notice for your cleanup.

What does the council do with my rubbish?

The council will take your waste to a recycling centre or sorting facility. Here, the rubbish will be sorted into different types of waste, such as furniture, white goods, scrap metals and more. Once sorting has been completed, different types of waste will be taken to different recycling and processing centres. There, it will be broken down into recyclable parts.

The waste items that cannot be recycled or repurposed are taken to landfills. However, these days, local Sydney councils make every effort to recycle or repurpose waste that they collect during a council rubbish pickup.

What rubbish does the council take?

Your local council will be able to take a range of different waste items. Each local council will provide a detailed list of what they can and can’t take on their website.

Generally, a council cleanup will take the following types of rubbish:

– Furniture.
– White goods, such as fridges, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, microwave ovens, and more.
– Mattresses and bed frames.
– Bundled tree and plant clippings less than 2 metres in length
– Carpet and other floor coverings, that are rolled up and tied.
– Up to 2 cubic metres of items for each collection.

Your council likely won’t take:

– Building materials.
– Construction waste.
– Hazardous items like paint tins, batteries, light bulbs, gas bottles.
– Possibly will not take electronic waste (e-waste) such as computers, mobiles, DVD players, TV’s.
– Large sheets of glass, like windows or mirrors.
– ASBESTOS in any form.
– Motor vehicle parts, engines, car batteries or tyres.
– Fence material.
– Items that are too heavy to lift for two people.

Some local councils have different requirements and lists of what can and cannot be taken. Make sure you check their website carefully before booking. The last thing you want is your rubbish collection service to tell you they cannot take your junk!

What if the council can’t take my junk?

There are many types of rubbish that the council cannot take. If you have items that don’t appear on the council’s approved list, you might be a little stuck. But never fear – this is what Sydney City Rubbish are here for! We’re rubbish removal experts in Sydney, and we’re always ready to help households and businesses deal with their rubbish items.

It might even be the case that you have too much rubbish for the council pick up service. And that’s okay. We can remove virtually any amount of junk from your home. We’re equipped with high-capacity junk removal trucks and equipment, so we’ve got you covered.

What do we take?

We’re able to remove a wide range of waste from homes, offices, industrial facilities and more. These are some of the items we can remove and dispose of:

– Furniture
– E-waste
– Office waste
– Hoarder waste
– Deceased estate waste
– Construction materials
– Heavy machinery
– White goods

… and much more.

For a full list of junk that we can remove, give Sydney City Rubbish a call today.

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