How Much Does It Cost to Take Your Sydney Rubbish to the Tip?

Taking rubbish to the tip is almost an Aussie tradition. If you’re a small business, it’s likely that you hire a Sydney rubbish removal company to pick up your waste and take it to the tip for you. However, prices vary, for both taking rubbish to the tip yourself, and hiring the professionals to do it for you. So, what factors actually affect how much your tip run costs? Let’s take a look.

What determines how much you pay for rubbish removal?

Weight and types of waste

The fees that you pay at the tip can vary depending on where the facility is located. However, prices are generally around the same mark. How much you pay will depend on the weight of your load and the type of rubbish you’re disposing of.

Your Sydney rubbish removal company

If you’re a business, you probably engage a Sydney rubbish removal company to handle all things waste management. It’s easier and often, it can be cheaper. Each rubbish removal company will charge a rate for regular waste removal, or for the removal of certain items, like electronic waste. Every company is different so it’s important to shop around to find the best mix of expertise, experience, and of course, value.

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Are rubbish tipping prices going up?

According to Ben Fordham of 2GB radio, the New South Wales Environmental Protection Authority is planning on increasing the prices of taking waste to the tip by up to five times the current cost.

This is because testing revealed a multitude of harmful chemicals in recycling, which simply must be avoided. For a country that produces plenty of waste, both at home and at work, that isn’t good news, and it could end up costing you plenty.

Fordham also believes that this change will lead to more illegal dumping. These price hikes could cause serious problems for small businesses, which require regular waste removal. The waste industry and the EPA are currently working on a solution so that you don’t have to pay through the nose for Sydney rubbish removal.

Hire a professional Sydney rubbish removal company today

Through this uncertainty, it’s so important to have a professional waste management company on your side at all times. A truly professional contractor will provide many benefits, including but certainly not limited to:

• The best price at all times
• Sustainable waste management, so that you’re doing your bit for the environment
• Fantastic customer service
• Speedy rubbish removal operation
• Exceptional and transparent communication.

At Sydney City Rubbish, we’re experts in all things waste management. And we’re here to help keep your rubbish removal costs low. Get in touch today.

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