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Did you know that the average Australian produces 540kg of waste, every single year?

Most of this waste is household waste, rubbish, and junk that is created in the home. In total, Aussie households created 12.4 million tonnes of waste in 2022. This rubbish varies greatly in type and material. Some can be recycled or repurposed, but a large chunk of this waste is dumped in landfills around the country.

Quality rubbish removal services in Sydney can help. Hiring a waste management expert to remove items like old furniture, mattresses, and garden waste, results in more environmentally friendly outcomes. At Sydney City Rubbish, we take every step possible to avoid landfills and have waste reused or recycled.

Let’s take a closer look at Sydney household rubbish removal below.

When do you need household rubbish removal in Sydney?

Every household needs a hand with rubbish removal at some point in time. Waste can build up quickly and before you know it, this junk is impacting your day-to-day life. It might be taking up space in your home, creating an eyesore, or could even be a hazard. These are all really important reasons for booking in a household rubbish removal service in Sydney.

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What are the benefits of quality household rubbish removal?

Getting rid of your household rubbish comes with plenty of benefits, along with peace of mind!

We’ll save you time

An expert household rubbish removal service will save you time. We know waste, and we deal with it every single day. Our team knows exactly how to conduct a rubbish removal service in a swift and efficient manner, and we can apply all of our experience and skills to get the job done quickly. If you take it all on yourself, it will be a time-consuming process. Spend your time on something more important!

We’ll deliver a sustainable outcome

Environmentally friendly outcomes are incredibly important to us at Sydney City Rubbish. When we remove your household waste, we’ll always seek a sustainable result, whether that is donating your furniture, recycling your mattresses, or taking your garden waste to a certified organic processing facility.

We’re careful

We always take care to protect and preserve your property. Unfortunately, trying to remove your household junk without expert help often results in damage like holes in the walls, deep scratches on the floor surfaces, or even broken windows! Our team is incredibly careful and will ensure that no harm comes to your home or possessions.

Health and safety are our number one priority

Our commitment to health and safety on the job site is simply unrivalled. We ensure that our team is trained in safe practices at all times, including heavy lifting and dealing with sharp or broken objects. This greatly reduces the risk of an accident or injury to our people, and anyone else in the vicinity, such as yourself.

We’ve got the experience and the tools for the job

Some Sydney household rubbish removal services require particular tools. For instance, we can utilise our truck crane to remove large items from apartments on the second or third floor of a complex. Our trucks can hold a large volume of waste, and our experience in operating efficiently is second-to-none.

What kind of household junk do we take?

You name it, we take it. The items below are just some of the most common waste types that we remove on a regular basis.


Furniture is the waste type we see the most of. Almost every household rubbish removal service that we provide includes removing some kind of furniture! The most common items that we deal with are chairs and tables, coffee tables, stools, couches, benches, desks, desk chairs, and outdoor settings. We can ably remove all of these items, leaving your home sparkling clean.


Once a mattress has reached the end of its useable life, it needs to be removed and taken to a recycling centre. Every household has mattresses to deal with, but they are heavy and awkward to remove. On top of that, a mattress will not fit safely into many kinds of vehicles. This is where our expert rubbish removal services shine!

We’re equipped with rubbish removal trucks that can fit a wide range of large waste items. Our team is highly trained in safe practices, and can efficiently remove the mattresses from your home, load them into our trucks, and take them to a recycling plant. There, your mattresses will be broken down and returned to the manufacturing stream.


Appliances are notoriously difficult to remove, particularly heavier items like washing machines and fridges. The good news is that we’re ready to help! Household appliances are highly recyclable and when processed properly, the vast majority of their parts can be broken down and reintegrated into the manufacturing process. This is a great result for the environment, but you do need to make sure your Sydney rubbish removal company prioritises these outcomes.

Garden waste

60% of all the household waste produced in 2022 was actually organic matter. This is both a good and bad thing; good because organic waste can be turned into compost or other compounds, but bad because not all of it was. Plenty of organic waste is dumped illegally or finds its way into landfills through improper disposal.

At Sydney City Rubbish, we regularly take garden waste for local households. We will assess the waste and the area, devise the most efficient way to remove the waste and conduct a safe rubbish removal service. Then, we’ll take this garden waste to an organic waste processing plant, where it is recycled into useable products like compost and fuel for fires.

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