Heavy Rubbish Removal Sydney Requires Professionals

Throughout our Sydney rubbish removal adventures, we’ve dealt with an extremely wide variety of junk. One of the toughest types of junk to remove is heavy and bulky waste. But at Sydney City Rubbish, we’re equipped with the gear and the knowledge to make Sydney heavy junk removal as easy as can be.

What kind of heavy rubbish do we remove in Sydney?


Many industrial businesses must have their machinery removed and disposed of when it reaches the end of its useful life, or they choose to upgrade. However, actually removing this machinery can be a mammoth task, made difficult by the fact that these pieces weigh tonnes, and are often not easily broken apart.

For an industrial business, doing it yourself is simply out of the question. There is too much risk involved in terms of injury and damage. What’s more, it will be incredibly time consuming and stressful, trying to best work out how to break it down into manageable pieces. And as we mentioned, that’s not always possible.

This is why you need professional heavy and bulky waste removal in Sydney.

Plant removal

Plant removal poses similar problems and obstacles to heavy machinery removal. Plant refers to any large item that is used in an industrial setting, including machinery, equipment and various other apparatus. These items will inevitably be heavy, and quite large, so removal can be difficult. This is where crane trucks for rubbish removal, and other methods for heavy waste removal are so useful.

Heavy furniture

Very large pieces of furniture, such as boardroom tables, can be nigh on impossible to remove without professional help. This is even more difficult if the pieces cannot be dismantled or broken up, which is the case when they are simply being transported, and not disposed of. At Sydney City Rubbish, we’re experts in furniture removal, particularly when it comes to bulky and heavy waste removal.

We utilise our experience and understanding of rubbish removal practices to deal with the most difficult types of waste. Oftentimes, that consists of heavy and bulk rubbish removal in Sydney. We’re equipped with all of the equipment, vehicles and machinery to get the job done in the swiftest, safest manner possible.


Compactus units are commonplace in offices all over Sydney. We specialise in removing Sydney office junk and compactus and archiving units can be some of the most difficult to handle. Many of these units can be broken down into smaller pieces, but some cannot. Therefore, you need the professionals on side to remove them in an efficient and safe manner.

At Sydney City Rubbish, we have plenty of experience in dealing with heavy junk removal in Sydney, particularly when it comes to offices and retail businesses. We’ll apply this expertise to your rubbish removal project and remove your compactus and archiving units swiftly, and in a safe manner.

Construction waste

Building and construction waste is often made up of many heavy items, such as timber, metal, brick, rubble and much more. This makes it quite a difficult waste type to deal with. However, at Sydney City Rubbish, we specialise in dealing with construction waste in Sydney. We have plenty of experience in removing heavy construction waste and disposing of it in the most sustainable manner.

The good thing about building waste is that much of it is entirely recyclable. This includes wood, brick, rubble, metal and even plastics. If these materials can’t be recycled, they can be repurposed and used for another application. We facilitate this and make it possible, with the use of our heavy duty rubbish removal equipment.


Scrap metal removal can be an involved task, particularly when the metal in question is bulky and heavy. Certain metals, such as cast iron and large pieces of steel can be very heavy. Therefore, care must be taken when removing and disposing of these items, especially when moving from a commercial premises where access may be limited.

Whether it’s a construction site, commercial building or domestic premises, we can remove and dispose of large pieces of scrap metal. We’re experts in dealing with bulky and heavy waste removal in Sydney. We’ll utilise our vehicles and machinery to remove these items with ease, leaving your space sparkling clean.

Crane trucks

At Sydney City Rubbish, we’re equipped with modern crane trucks for all of your bulky and heavy waste removal needs. We can utilise these trucks to lift extremely heavy items and remove them from your business premises, home or building site with ease. Without a crane truck or similar equipment, you may well be at a loss! If you’re struggling to deal with a heavy rubbish item, get in touch with us today.

Regular trucks

Our regular trucks are ideal for carrying heavy waste to certified waste and recycling facilities. We can come to your business, remove your waste and load it into our trucks quickly and affordably. Then, we’ll ensure that the waste ends up in the right place, ensuring there is no negative impact on the environment.

Get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish today for the best heavy and bulky junk removal. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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