Heavy Machinery Removal in Sydney: Expert Services

Heavy machinery removal requires serious experience and the right tools for the job. Dealing with large, heavy items like plant and manufacturing equipment comes with plenty of risks, and isn’t a walk in the park… which is why expert services are essential. At Sydney City Rubbish, we’re well-versed in heavy machinery removal in Sydney.

Over the years, we’ve worked with countless businesses and individuals to deliver quality, safe heavy machinery removal services. We know exactly what it takes to remove these items, and we’re equipped with quality equipment and vehicles that make shifting machinery much smoother, and safer. And we’re always here to help.

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In this article, we’ll take a look at everything to do with removing and recycling heavy machinery, and why experienced rubbish removal technicians are essential. If you’re trying to get rid of old manufacturing equipment, plant, or agricultural machinery, this is a must-read!

What is heavy machinery?

The term heavy machinery covers a range of equipment used for ‘heavy-duty activities’. Some examples of heavy machinery include:

  • Manufacturing machinery
  • Plant
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Certain construction equipment
  • Compactors
  • Planers
  • Miscellaneous and purpose-built machinery.

Most types of machinery are made from metals and plastics, with a range of different components. Some break down into smaller pieces, while others remain in one large form, which can make removal much more difficult. No matter the type of machinery you need to get rid of, expertise is essential.

Where do we remove heavy machinery from?

We take machinery from all kinds of businesses and homes around Sydney. That regularly includes factories, manufacturing facilities, logistics facilities, warehouses, home businesses, and so much more. Each business and building comes with its own unique set of challenges, and our waste removal experts are always up to the task.

Businesses dispose of old machinery for a number of reasons. Oftentimes, the machinery is no longer in working condition and needs to be replaced. In that case, the old pieces need to be removed as soon as possible, which often requires rapid service. Other times, machinery may need to be transported to another facility or has simply been superseded by newer equipment. Some may opt for machinery repair, but this is usually handled on-site.

Much of the time, we transport these large items to recycling facilities, where they are broken down and the materials returned to the manufacturing cycle. Occasionally, they may be transported to another business that is purchasing second-hand machinery, or donated wherever appropriate.

Why is expert heavy machinery removal important?

Removing old machines and equipment yourself often isn’t feasible. However, if you think it may be possible, there are still plenty of reasons why it’s better to work with the experts. Simply having large enough vehicles and a crane isn’t enough. 

Health and safety

The most important consideration is always health and safety. Anyone working on the removal of the machinery, and anyone in the vicinity of the project, must be safe at all times. Chances are, even if you have the equipment to shift the machinery, you don’t have the experience it takes to neutralise the associated hazards.

At Sydney City Rubbish, our expert rubbish removal technicians have many years of experience in planning, coordinating, and executing heavy equipment removal. Through this process, they know exactly how to identify hazards on site, and eliminate them wherever possible. If some hazards cannot be avoided, we take the utmost care to reduce the threat as much as we can.

Common hazards when dealing with large, industrial machinery can include crushing injuries, slip and fall injuries, musculoskeletal injuries from lifting, being struck by a vehicle, and much more. Different types of equipment can also come with different risk factors – for instance, some items may include sharp edges, which can cause lacerations.

Our team is always equipped with up-to-date personal protective equipment (PPE). This equipment, which includes items like steel-capped boots, heavy-duty clothing, gloves, and more, greatly reduces the risk of injury. We’ll always take the necessary steps to ensure our people and yours are protected at all times.

Efficient services

Efficiency is always at the forefront of what we do. We always operate with strict schedules in mind, ensuring that we arrive on time and complete the job in a swift manner. However, we don’t rush – our team is always thorough, prioritising safety and a job well done. At the end of every service, we’ll also make sure that the area is sparkling clean, and remove any other waste that needs to go. You’re always in good hands with Sydney City Rubbish!

The right equipment for the job

We’re equipped with heavy-duty equipment, including rubbish trucks and cranes. This equipment allows us to perform the job safely and efficiently. We’re able to utilise our equipment to remove a wide range of heavy machinery, including incredibly heavy and awkward items, as well as those that come in many different components.

It’s imperative that you have modern, capable equipment to do the job. Without it, you’ll be putting people at risk. You could also cause serious damage to your workplace, as well as other machinery. That could mean seriously expensive repairs down the track and even an impacted workflow in your factory or warehouse.

Let Sydney City Rubbish handle your machinery removal, and breathe easy.

How do you get rid of heavy machinery in Sydney?

At the end of the day, there’s only one real option for removing heavy machinery in Sydney: call the experts. At Sydney City Rubbish, we’ve removed machinery and equipment from businesses and homes all over the city and surrounding areas. Moreover, we always deal with waste in a sustainable manner. We’re always ready to help, and our team is just a call away.
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