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Of all of the home appliances, fridges are some of the most difficult to remove. At Sydney City Rubbish, we’ve removed countless fridges from homes and businesses all over the city. We know exactly how tough it can be to do it yourself. On top of that, it can also be hazardous; many people have been injured trying to shift heavy fridges!

We’re the experts when it comes to removing large waste items. Our team is highly trained, with all of the skills required to complete a smooth, safe rubbish removal project. We’re also equipped with any necessary tools for the job, including trollies and large rubbish removal trucks. We make any Sydney fridge removal project a breeze.

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Why are fridges so tough to deal with?

Fridges are an awkward combination of both very heavy, and large. Their size makes them very difficult to remove without the help of multiple people, trollies, and other equipment. In fact, trying to do that yourself can result in injury, or damage to your home or place of business. It’s simply not worth it.

They are also hard to transport once you’ve managed to get them out the door. Transporting an old fridge requires a vehicle large enough to hold it. That means a truck, a van, or a ute… but not all utes can fit fridges in the back. Save yourself the hassle, the physical work, and the stress… and hire expert rubbish removal in Sydney.

The benefits of expert Sydney fridge removal?

There are plenty of reasons you should be hiring experienced rubbish removal contractors for your Sydney fridge removal. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

It’s safer

Lifting any heavy objects without the right training and equipment is incredibly dangerous. In fact, musculoskeletal injuries are the most common form of workplace accident. A huge number of these incidents are caused by lifting objects that are too heavy, or lifting them in the incorrect manner. The average fridge weighs more than 100kg.

Experience is invaluable when it comes to dealing with heavy objects. Health and safety are incredibly important to us at Sydney City Rubbish. Therefore, all of our specialists are highly trained in correct lifting and handling techniques. We also use tools and equipment to ensure the safety of our people wherever necessary.

On top of this, our workers are always equipped with the right personal protective equipment. This includes steel capped boots, gloves, heavy-duty clothing, and much more. There is also a risk of laceration when removing an old fridge, particularly if there is existing damage and sharp pieces of metal hanging off the bottom. PPE like gloves and durable clothing protects against the chance of a cut occurring.

We have the tools for the job

The right equipment makes a Sydney fridge removal project so much easier. As we mentioned earlier, trollies are very useful when it comes to shifting bulky, heavy objects like fridges. We also utilise large rubbish removal trucks which can carry a high volume of waste. These tools allow us to complete the job efficiently, without unforeseen delays.

It’s quicker

We deal with bulky waste items everys single day. Therefore, we know exactly how to best deal with these items. We have set processes that make the entire operation run smoothly, every single time. And we’ve got contingency plans just in case anything goes wrong! We’ve seen it all, and we’ll apply this experience to your fridge removal, ensuring a swift service every time.

No damage

Some rubbish removal companies in Sydney simply do not respect their clients property. They don’t take the right measures to prevent damage. Much of the time, this results in holes in walls, broken glass, scratches on tiles or timber floors, and scrapes on door frames. That’s simply not good enough and you should expect more from your contractor.

We always take the utmost care to prevent damage and protect the workplace or home of our valued client. We do this by identifying any areas that may be at risk, and taking steps to protect any surfaces or items that could be damaged. We’ll use drop sheets where necessary, and make sure any sharp edges are covered.

In the end, you can rest assured that your home or your office is in excellent hands.

What do we do with old fridges?

We’re absolutely committed to environmentally friendly outcomes for the waste items that we remove. This includes all household appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers, and of course, fridges. The good news is that essentially all of these items are highly recyclable, thanks to the materials used to manufacture them.

The priority is always to prevent fridges from becoming waste. This can be done by donating them or taking them to resource recovery centres. By doing this, we are able to stop fridges from being broken down and recycled (which can cause pollution), and avoid landfills entirely. However, fridges that are no longer operational do need to be recycled.

Most fridges are made up of plastics like polystyrene, and metals such as aluminium. Some older models made use of fibreglass, though that was phased out in favour of plastic insulation. Rubber is used for the seals, which keep the cold inside the fridge. When a fridge is broken down, all of these materials can be recycled.

Affordable fridge removal in Sydney today

If you’re looking for Sydney fridge removal, you’re in the right place. We even offer same-day rubbish removal services! Simply give us a call or click here for an obligation-free rubbish removal quote.

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