Four-Wheeled Bins for Office Waste

Clearing out your office regularly is an important part of running a functional office-based business.

At Sydney City Rubbish, we offer a number of versatile waste removal options for office rubbish, one of them being our four-wheeled bins.

These bins are easily maneuvered, big enough for large volumes of rubbish, and are a very affordable option for your business.

They’re perfect for all kinds of waste, and a great option for any organisation.

Office Furniture

Smaller furniture items can be broken down and placed in our four-wheeled bins.

For example, tables, desks, office chairs, storage units and other items can be taken apart and disposed of in our bins.

We’ll ensure the items are either repurposed, recycled or disposed of responsibly.

We recommend a waste removal truck for larger items. Providing a number of versatile options is part of our dedication professional rubbish removal in Sydney.

Recycling Waste

Our four-wheeled bins are also a fantastic option for recyclable waste.

For instance, this includes cardboard boxes, large volumes of paper waste and any other recyclable items.

We’ll take the bin to a recycling facility once it’s full, so you can rest easy knowing that your waste is being responsibly handled.

Electronic Waste

Electronic waste, more commonly known as ‘e-waste’, is an increasingly critical problem in the commercial world.

E-waste consists of computers, printers, hardware, tablets and other electronic items commonly found in the office.

Unfortunately, the components that make up these machines can cause serious pollution and great damage to the environment.

Moreover, when disposed of incorrectly, e-waste can present a health risk to people. Therefore, it’s extremely important to deal with e-waste correctly.

Our waste removal bins are perfect for this purpose.

Simply get in touch and hire a bin. We’ll then fill it up with your electronic waste, and then call us when it’s ready to be picked up.


To discuss hiring a four-wheeled bin, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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