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Coming to the end of your office lease in Sydney? You’ve probably got a lengthy list of to-do items, including packing, shifting, and cleaning. But what if you didn’t have to worry about your office end-of-lease cleanup? What if you had the experts doing it for you?

Take what you need, and leave the rest for us!

At Sydney City Rubbish, we’re your commercial waste specialists in Sydney. We remove all kinds of junk and rubbish from offices across the city. We also offer exceptional end-of-lease cleanup and waste removal services, for businesses that simply don’t have time to do this. If you’re at the end of your office lease, call the experts.

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What kind of office junk do we take?

Office rubbish removal in Sydney is our bread and butter! We help commercial businesses deal with their junk on a daily basis, and we do it with a big smile on our faces. Throughout all of these projects, we remove a very wide range of junk and rubbish. This includes plenty of furniture, but a lot of other items too.

The usual suspects we see during an office end-of-lease rubbish cleanup include:

– Leftover and old office chairs
– Broken or old workstations and desks
– Storage units, shelves, and sets of drawers
– Compactus units
– Old electronics such as computers and printers
– Any strip out or demolition waste, if a makegood has been conducted.

Dealing with this waste is a breeze for us. But we understand that it can be much more time-consuming, difficult, and even dangerous for you to do on your own. This is why expert office waste removal is never a bad idea.

How do we do an end-of-lease cleanup?

Once we’ve received contact from you and you’ve provided us with all the essential information about the job, we’ll give you an accurate, obligation-free quote. If you decide to go ahead with the quote, we’ll confirm and lock in a date and time. Of course, we also offer same-day rubbish removal in Sydney.

On the day in question, we’ll arrive with our rubbish trucks and our team will get to work. We’ll ensure that there are enough rubbish removal experts for the job at hand. We’ll remove all of the junk and leftover items carefully and safely, taking extreme care not to cause any kind of damage to the existing office.

Once we have removed all of the waste items and loaded up our trucks, we’ll perform a final clean. We always leave the area sparkling clean, so that you don’t have anything to worry about. And we can remove virtually every type of rubbish from your office, so you can rest easy knowing that Sydney City Rubbish has got you covered.

After our trucks are loaded and safely secured, we’ll take the waste to the associated recycling or resource recovery centre. And before that, if any of your waste can be reused, we’ll ensure that it is donated or given away (with your permission of course). We always prioritise sustainable rubbish removal where possible.

What are the benefits of expert end of lease cleanup for your office?

Expert end of lease junk removal for your office comes with many benefits. We’ll take a look at some of these below.

Saves you time

Hiring rubbish removal experts to cleanup your office at the end of your lease will save you time. You can use this time to then focus on the other tasks at hand and coordinate the move to your new office space. This results in a much more efficient operation for you and your business, and most of all, your people. Time saved on your rubbish cleanup is time for something else.

It’s much safer

Dealing with waste, particularly heavy items, can be hazardous. Heavy lifting can result in a range of injuries if it’s not done properly. As well as that, lacerations from sharp objects is another risk factor, as are trip and fall injuries. Our highly-trained team always prioritises health and safety, so you’re in good hands. Let the experts handle your cleanup.

Reduce stress

Allowing an experienced office rubbish removal company handle your end of lease cleanup can reduce plenty of the stress associated with relocating. You’ve already got so much to think about, so reducing those obligations can be an enormous help. We’ll handle your end of lease cleanup so you can focus on other things, and take a moment to relax.

A more sustainable result for your waste

We’ve been dealing with waste for many years now, so we know exactly how to get the most sustainable result possible. We’re partnered with some wonderful organisations that promote recycling and reuse of waste items. We also have our own Waste Not, Want Not Facebook group, which you can join right here.

Sustainability is the key foundation of our approach to rubbish removal. We’ll be able to remove all of your leftover commercial rubbish and seek a truly eco-friendly result. That’s a big win for your business and the environment. It means that we’re not contributing to landfill growth, and preventing pollution.

Get Sydney end-of-lease rubbish cleanup today

If you’re vacating your Sydney office thanks to the end of your lease, you should consider an expert end of lease cleanup. At Sydney City Rubbish, we’ve worked with countless businesses to remove all kinds of commercial waste, ensuring that their office is sparkling clean.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your project.

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