Easy Christmas Tree Removal for Your Office

Christmas is a time for celebration. One of the most important parts of Christmas tradition is of course, the Christmas tree.


However, when the festive season is over, where exactly do the trees from your office go?


In Australia, every year more than a million trees are grown for Christmas. Most of these trees do end up in green waste facilities.


However, many are simply dumped in landfill, or quite often illegally fly tipped in parks, car parks and public spaces.


This causes a headache for those responsible for cleaning these spaces, and can have a negative impact on the environment.


But there is a solution.


Why Use the Professionals?


Too often, discarded Christmas trees end up in landfill. Whilst they are obviously a biodegradable, natural waste type, they shouldn’t be in landfill.


The actual act of removing the tree from your office can pose a headache, and leave a mess of pine needles all over the place.


Avoid the headache, by hiring Sydney City Rubbish to remove your Christmas tree.


Not only will it save you time and effort, you’ll be ensuring that the tree is correctly disposed of. Moreover, we’ll leave your office spick and span, with no trace of the tree left behind.


The Impact of Christmas Trees


Growing all these Christmas trees each year actually has a great impact on the environment.


However, when it comes to disposing of them, too many people and businesses do not dispose of them responsibly.


When thrown into landfill, these trees simply take up much needed space, which should be used for waste products that don’t degrade as easily.


Therefore, Christmas trees should be disposed of in green waste facilities. There, they can quickly be turned into mulch, compost or other eco-friendly products.


Our Scheduling System


To book a Christmas tree pick up, simply visit our website and use our easy scheduling system. To book, click here.

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