Domestic Building Waste Removal in Sydney: Running An Environmentally-Friendly Building Site

Australia produces roughly 27 million tonnes of construction and building waste, every single year. A huge portion of this waste comes from domestic building and renovation projects, of all sizes. And generally, it’s these projects that have the worst waste management processes… meaning that much of the waste produced, ends up in landfills, or worse.

Large building sites produce much more waste. But because these sites and the large construction companies that run them are heavily monitored, their waste management practices are more effective and more efficient. Overall, these companies have a much firmer commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at domestic building waste management and removal.

Waste separation on-site

One effective way to manage waste more effectively when building a house or units, is to ensure waste is separated as it appears. Many builders do separate waste into different piles, such as timber waste, scrap metal, and concrete and rubble. However, the most common outcome is that all of this waste ends up in the same bin or truck.

Domestic building waste cannot be recycled if it is not properly separated. You can’t take a bin full of mixed waste to a scrap metal recycling facility, and the same can be said for a gypsum recycling plant. The good news is that most of these materials are recyclable… they just need to be sorted properly and removed by a professional rubbish removal company.

When waste is separated properly on site, it makes it much easier for the rubbish collector to define their loads. Then, your junk removalists be able to take the right waste to the right facility. When all is said and done, separating your domestic building waste is an important step toward running an environmentally-friendly building site.

Expert rubbish removal

Every small builder should work with an expert and experienced domestic construction waste removal company. At Sydney City Rubbish, we’ve seen it all, and we often get called in to clean up someone else’s mess… literally! An expert rubbish removal company should be ensuring that nothing is left behind when junk is removed from a domestic building site.

A great rubbish removal company can also give you advice on managing your waste in a more efficient and sustainable way. That might include tips and tricks, insight into what can be recycled (and what can’t), or even finding a home for materials that can be reused on other projects. On top of that, quality waste removal contractors will be equipped with quality vehicles, tools, and any other required building waste removal apparatus.

Education, signage, and toolbox meetings

It is the tradespeople and employees on site who hold the most responsibility when it comes to waste management. These are the guys and girls who will be taking the waste from its point of origin, and putting it in piles, bins, or designated areas. Therefore, it is essential that they understand how to best manage the waste, and where to put it.

On a busy building site, waste is often overlooked, or disposed of incorrectly. This might be because the site is incredibly busy… but in many cases, it’s simply down to the fact that the workers do not fully understand waste management practices on their particular site. This is exactly why educating the workforce is crucial.

Explaining to trades and workers what needs to go where is the first step. This should then be reinforced with clear signage and instructions on what can go where. Then, waste management should be a regularly discussed topic at toolbox meetings, each morning and each week. Additional training never goes astray.

Skips and bins

Skips and large bins are a common sight on every single building site, and for good reason. Waste that is already placed in bins is much easier to deal with than rubbish that is simply piled into stacks, on-site. It’s simply a case of collect and go, when skips and rubbish bins are used.

At Sydney City Rubbish, we don’t currently offer a skip bin service. However, our rubbish trucks and workers are an even more efficient option. We can come to your site at a time of your choosing, carry away your waste and load up our trucks. We’ll then take your waste to a recycling facility and ensure it is dealt with in a sustainable manner.

This is a fantastic outcome for all!

Regular, and post-construction cleaning

Once a construction project has been completed, a thorough clean is a must. We work with Sydney Sweep and Scrub, an expert industrial, carpark, and post-construction cleaning company. They are able to deliver an exceptional clean to every concrete service, once we’ve removed all associated construction rubbish and debris.

Handing over a building to the client is the final step (defects not included). Once this does happen, the structure must be clean. If it’s a large apartment building or block of units with a carpark or concrete common areas, they simply must be clean when handover is completed. This is where expert Sydney sweeping and scrubbing is essential.

Domestic construction waste removal in Sydney

If you’re looking for construction waste removal on your domestic building project in Sydney, we’re ready to help. Simply click here for an obligation-free quote, or get in touch with us here. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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