Different Types of Waste Produced by Apartments and Strata Complexes

Apartments and strata complexes create all sorts of waste. After all, each complex is simply a cluster of households! And we all know how much waste the average household can produce. It’s really important to be aware of what waste your complex produces so that you can take action to reduce and recycle this waste. That goes for both tenants and building managers.

At Sydney City Rubbish, we deal with apartment waste and strata rubbish on a regular basis. Therefore, we know the common types of waste and how to deal with them in a safe and efficient manner. If you’re looking for strata rubbish removal in Sydney, we’re here to help. But in the meantime, here are some of the types of waste produced by strata and apartment complexes in Sydney.


Old mattresses can be tough to deal with, thanks to the fact that they are heavy and an awkward shape. This is why expert apartment rubbish removal specialists are the best option when you need to deal with mattress removal Sydney.

– Single mattresses
– Queen and king mattresses

Old furniture

The most common apartment junk type we remove is old furniture, and this comes in many forms. If the furniture is in good condition, we will offer to organise donation, either to a charity or via our local Facebook group.

Some of the types of old furniture we regularly remove from strata complexes includes:

– Couches
– Dining tables
– Dining chairs
– Armchairs
– Desks
– Coffee tables
– Bed frames

Computers and phones

Electronic waste is one of the most significant waste management challenges of the modern era. Households and businesses alike produce plenty of electronic waste, and it is essential this kind of junk is recycled properly. Otherwise, they may cause serious pollution and damage to both humans and the environment around us.

We often remove:

– Laptops
– Screens and monitors
– Computer towers
– Printers and scanners
– Phones
– Tablets


Every home, including the average apartment, contains a number of appliances. When these kitchen, laundry and bathroom appliances reach the end of their useful life, they need to be removed and recycled. However, they are often heavy, bulky, and difficult to shift. This is exactly why expert apartment junk removal in Sydney is a must.

We remove:

– Fridges
– Washing machines
– Dishwashers
– Dryers
– Microwaves
– Ovens

Strip-out waste

Are you or your residents renovating an apartment or a unit? Inevitably, an apartment stripout will need to take place first in order to prepar the structure for the renovation. This process produces plenty of waste materials, that do need to be removed.

We perform apartment stripouts, and remove all associated waste:

– Carpet
– Tiles
– Timber
– Piping
– Scrap metal
– Cabinetry
– Fixtures.

Apartment rubbish removal Sydney

If you’re looking for expert Sydney apartment rubbish removal, we’re ready to help. At Sydney City Rubbish, we deliver reliable and affordable rubbish removal services for apartments. If you’re looking for apartment junk removal in Sydney, we’re ready to help.

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