Create a Sustainable Strata Complex with Quality Waste Management

Managing waste in a large apartment complex or strata building can be a challenge. On top of this, trying to ensure that your approach is a consistently sustainable one, is even more difficult! At Sydney City Rubbish, we know a thing or two about sustainable waste management for strata complexes in Sydney.

There are a wide array of benefits that come with an eco-friendly approach to rubbish. On top of looking after the environment, you can also experience happier residents, a stronger community and lower associated costs. Here are our top tips for creating a sustainable strata waste management system in Sydney.

Create easier systems

Every complex is a little different. In some complexes, residents may need to take their rubbish all the way down to the basement bin room. In other complexes, there may be garbage chutes or bin rooms on each floor. The fact is that in some strata buildings, it’s more difficult for residents to dispose of their trash with little effort.

This is important when it comes to dealing with waste sustainably. If your residents have to put in a lot of effort to reach the bin room, they will be much less likely to carefully consider where their trash is going. That means recyclables are much more likely to end up in the general rubbish bin… which isn’t ideal!

On the other hand, if a complex is able to provide a very easy and efficient system, including separate bins for different waste types, your residents will love you for it. This also goes a long way to making sure your complex isn’t contributing to pollution by failing to recycle, and inadvertently mixing waste types.

Clear labelling

Labelling and signage are essential when it comes to bins and waste areas. Your residents must be able to clearly see where certain waste types should be placed. This removes any confusion, which might result in recyclables in general waste, or plastic in organic waste. Both of those eventualities mean contamination and pollution down the track.

If you have clear signs on each of your bins (general waste, recycling/paper and plastics, green waste and more), then your people are 90% more likely to do the right thing. Without the cooperation of your residents, it’s impossible to become a truly sustainable strata complex in Sydney.

Promote the three R’s

The Three R’s are the core of any truly sustainable strata waste management system.


Reducing waste is always the best outcome. No matter if you manage a strata complex, office or just your own home, reducing waste at the source should be your aim. There are a number of ways to reduce waste in a strata complex, most of which must come from the residents. This includes being mindful of food waste, and using less plastic and paper products.


If you can’t reduce waste, the next best thing is to reuse items instead of throwing them away. In a strata complex, you can encourage people to reuse and repurpose their items, instead of putting them in the bin. That includes giving away old furniture, along with a range of other pieces that may have firstly been considered waste!


The third R refers to recycling, and this should only be done if the first two steps are not possible. If your residents are producing large amounts of recyclable material, you must ensure that it is easy for them to recycle these items. If there are any obstacles, they will be far less likely to dispose of this waste in a sustainable way.

Community group for giveaways and reuse

Many strata complexes have large group chats and groups on social media where they can discuss happenings in the immediate community. These groups, and apps which provide a similar service, offer a golden opportunity for creating a more sustainable strata complex.

Here, people should be encouraged to interact with one another, and utilise the platform to trade items, give away secondhand furniture, appliances and much more. This is a much better outcome than what usually happens… which is items thrown straight into the rubbish bin.

Composting opportunities

This detailed study on organic waste in apartment blocks included many important findings and suggestions for better management of organic waste. Composting is very possible in many strata complexes, particularly those with an outdoor area. Of course, rodents and insects need to be considered, so this is where a quality composting bin is essential.

Organic waste causes large methane emissions in landfills. Therefore, if you are able to compost, this can be avoided. Then, when the material has broken down and is useable in gardens, it becomes incredibly useful!

Sustainable strata rubbish removal Sydney

Looking for the best rubbish removal for strata complexes in Sydney? Look no further than Sydney City Rubbish! We value sustainable rubbish removal highly, and we’re ready to help you today. Get in touch with us for more information.

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