Construction Waste: Disposing of Your Plaster Products

The amount of construction waste produced around the globe every year is simply enormous. In Australia alone, we create about 25 million tonnes annually.

In Sydney, construction waste appears in the form of wood, metal, brick, tile, rubble and a bevy of other materials. Often, it includes plaster.

It’s so important that we reuse or recycle all of these products efficiently, including responsible disposal and recycling of plaster products.

Therefore, at Sydney City Rubbish, we are committed to responsibly removing and recycling plaster products in Sydney, utilising our ties with certified plaster recycling facilities.

Here are some of the benefits of responsible Sydney construction waste removal for your plaster products.

Less Natural Resources Needed for Manufacturing

It’s a simple equation; the more plasterboard and gypsum that we recycle, the less natural resources we have to mine and use to manufacture new plaster.

Gypsum is a naturally occurring stone, which is ground into a powder. It’s the main component of plasterboard, so therefore we need to be as careful as possible with how we use this precious natural resource.

To ensure your plaster waste is being recycled, schedule a professional Sydney construction waste removal service from Sydney City Rubbish.

Improved Reputation for Your Business

When your business regularly recycles its construction waste, clients will take note.

In such a competitive business, any little thing can give you the edge over the competition. Being attentive to the environmental impact of your construction waste is one of these important elements.

Many clients and customers now consider commitment to eco-friendly practices an important criterion when selecting a building company.

Therefore, boost your reputation by hiring a professional construction waste removal service from Sydney City Rubbish, for your plaster products.

To discuss construction waste removal for your Sydney business, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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