Concrete Recycling in Sydney: Let Sydney City Rubbish Help

concrete waste

One of the most common rubbish materials created on a demolition or construction site is concrete waste.

Wherever it comes from, concrete can be a headache to deal with. That’s due to the fact that concrete is a heavy material and often tough to move.

However, concrete can be recycled and repurposed in many ways, which is fantastic news for the environment.

But it’s crucial that you hire a professional Sydney rubbish removal company to handle your concrete, to ensure it’s dealt with properly.

At Sydney City Rubbish, we’re ready to help.

Where Does the Concrete Come From?

Concrete waste can come from all sorts of places.

On a demolition job, it may be either the foundation of a building, paths and driveways or even concrete walls.

If it’s on a new building site, concrete waste may pop up in the form of excess concrete that is poured or laid.

Whatever the source, it’s important you have it handled sustainably and professionally, by Sydney City Rubbish.

How is Concrete Recycled and Reused?

Concrete waste can actually be reused and recycled in so many ways!

We ensure that it’s taken to a certified recycling facility, where it’s crushed up and distributed for a range of uses.

Crushed concrete can be used for aggregate for new concrete, which is fantastic for the environment as it means no new aggregate is required.

It can also be used for road base, as well as in a variety of landscaping, anti-erosion and habitat rebuilding projects.

Put simply, there are plenty of ways to reuse concrete waste!

It’s Better for the Environment!

At the end of the day, reusing and recycling anything is a great result for the environment. This is certainly the case with concrete waste!

If you recycle your concrete, you’re preventing that waste from ending up in the waterways or parklands.

Moreover, you’re helping to reduce the need for natural resources to be used in the process of creating new concrete.

All in all, recycling your concrete in Sydney is a fantastic result.

To discuss Sydney rubbish removal for the concrete on your building site, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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