Common Bathroom Demolition Mistakes to Avoid

When you’re demolishing your bathroom, there are a number of things that can go wrong.


These issues can result in a variety of problems; financial issues, injury, damage to your home and a negative impact on the environment.


Therefore, before undertaking such an operation, you need to be prepared for anything.


Not Recycling


Quite often, people or businesses make a crucial mistake when it comes to disposing of waste… they don’t recycle.


This impact may not be so visible to the eyes of those disposing of the waste, but it is certainly felt by the environment.


Avoid this mistake by hiring a professional rubbish removal contractor like Sydney City Rubbish. We will responsibly dispose of your waste and recycle everything possible.


That includes wood waste, tiles, fixtures, scrap metal and everything in between.


Not Contracting the Professionals


A DIY project can be great fun, but unfortunately, it’s fraught with danger.


You’re putting your own safety at risk, potentially paying through the roof for tool hire and likely performing the demolition inefficiently.


Sydney City Rubbish have years of experience in bathroom demolition, as well as all the equipment and know-how.


As well as that, we hold all relevant permits, qualifications and insurances.


Failing to Survey


Failing to know the structural details of your bathroom before demolishing is a big problem just waiting to happen.


For instance, if you don’t know exactly where your electrical and plumbing utilities are, you’re risking your safety, as well as expensive damage.


Lack of Safety


Failing to prepare a safe working environment is a huge, but easily avoidable mistake.


You’re risking your health and safety by not knowing how to properly operate tools, not wearing safety gear and not understanding the environment you’re working in.


Too many DIY bathroom demolishers have suffered injuries or death. Don’t take the risk, hire the professionals.



To discuss your bathroom demolition, get in touch with Sydney City Rubbish here.

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