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One of the key services we offer at Sydney City Rubbish is commercial strip out and demolition. We work with businesses all over Sydney, including offices and retail businesses, to return their workplaces to its original condition. We do this for a range of reasons, and we take on jobs both big and small.

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What is a commercial strip out?

A commercial strip out is a form of demolition project. It involves removing, or ‘stripping out’ certain components of your office or store. A strip out can be a minor job, such as removing one or two walls, or just one room from your workplace. Alternatively, it can also involve demolishing an entire department store or office, stripping it back to the structural components only.

Stripping out an office requires certain equipment, tools, and experience. At Sydney City Rubbish, we’ve completed countless commercial demolition projects for businesses big and small. Our service is unrivalled, and we always remove existing structures in the safest manner possible. That means a better result for all.

When do you need a commercial strip out or demolition?

Removing sections of your commercial space is necessary for a few different reasons.

Most commonly, you’re probably planning a refurbishment and need to remove older components to make way for new finishes, furniture, and rooms. For instance, renovating your office often means new floors, a different layout, and fresh workstations for your people.

Making good on a lease is another common reason for a strip out. This means that when the client vacates their commercial space, their contract obligates them to completely remove the fit out that they installed during their time there. We help businesses fulfill their makegood obligations on a regular basis.

Sydney office strip out and demolition

So, what exactly do we do during an office strip out and demolition process?

Walls and partitions

Walls and partitions are one of the most common components that we remove from offices around Sydney. Much of the time, companies wish to reorganise their layout, reorder their meeting rooms and provide additional working areas for their people. Removing walls and partitions is the first step in this process.

Floor finishes

Office floor removal is another essential part of a strip out. We regularly remove floor finishes like carpet, carpet tiles, timber laminate, tiles, and much more. Each material has its own pros and cons, and some are more time-consuming to remove than others. The bottom line is that these finishes do need to be removed before any new floors can be laid.

Complete office strip out

Sometimes, everything must go! We’ve completed a number of projects that involve removing every single element of the existing fit out. This kind of work needs to be completed by an experienced commercial demolition contractor, with the skills and experience for the job. At Sydney City Rubbish, we’re the best in the business.

Shop strip out and demolition in Sydney

We also conduct strip outs for retail spaces and shops in Sydney. If a shop requires a fresh renovation or a complete refurbishment, a strip out is necessary.

Walls and partitions

A number of shops and retail spaces utilise partitions and temporary walls to divide their store into a more functional space. Removing these can open up a space, prepare it for a different purpose, and allow retailers to reorganise their displays. We specialise in careful, efficient wall and partition removal in Sydney.

Large racks and storage

Removing fixed racks and display areas, along with storage options, is another common step in the retail strip out process. Many of these items are bulky, or fixed to the floors or walls in your shop. That makes them difficult to remove without expert help. We have all of the experience and equipment to get the job done to the highest standard.

What happens to strip out waste?

The waste that a demolition project produces can consist of a very wide range of materials. Separating waste is incredibly important, and this process makes it much easier to ensure an environmentally friendly outcome. We always divide waste into material and type while performing a commercial de-fit project.

Once the project has been completed, we will load all of the waste into our trucks and remove it from your premises. We prioritise sustainability on every single project, meaning we’re always seeking an eco-friendly way to deal with waste. That means repurposing and donating, or recycling the waste from your commercial demolition project.

In the end, it’s a win not just for the environment, but for all of us.

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It can be difficult finding a reliable and affordable commercial strip out service. But at Sydney City Rubbish, we pride ourselves on offering an exceptional service at a great price. If you’re looking for an office or retail de-fit in Sydney, we’re ready to help.

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