Cheap Rubbish Removal in Sydney… Don’t Get Caught Out

There are a number of companies that offer ‘cheap rubbish removal in Sydney’. But we’re here to tell you that most deals just aren’t as good as they might sound. Oftentimes, cheap rubbish removal equals poor quality work… and can even cost more in the end!

We’ve worked with many clients who complain about previous services they’ve paid for. These other contractors claimed to be cheap, or offered some deal that seemed impossible… and it was! They ended up with plenty of waste left over, a job that is only half done, poor communication and customer service, and not an ounce of health and safety practices.

We’re here to explain why cheap rubbish removal just isn’t worth it. At Sydney City Rubbish, by no means do we charge exorbitant prices… we offer exceptional service at a very affordable rate. But we want to ensure that our clients are informed of what cheap or even free rubbish removal actually looks like.

Let’s discuss it in more detail below.

Think about why cheap is their selling point

Why does a company claim to be cheap above all else? This doesn’t only go for rubbish removal either… it applies across all industries. Often, it’s because they fall down in other areas, like quality, safety, and sustainability. This is why cheap becomes their selling point.

These days, being cheap just isn’t enough. They must adhere to quality standards, and do the job they claim to do, to completion. Waste management companies must also be conscious of their impact on the environment… and there is every chance that a cheap rubbish removal company won’t care at all about their environmental impact.

If a company is making cheap their selling point, be sceptical.

Sometimes, it’s the opposite of cheap!

A number of companies might quote a very cheap price for their services, particularly when it comes to domestic rubbish removals, such as deceased estates and garden waste. However, once it comes time to complete the service and charge the client, they charge much more than they originally quoted.

This system is essentially a scam, but it is, unfortunately, quite common. The provider will quote a very cheap price to begin with, to get the client onboard. Then, once they’ve taken the rubbish away (often, they’ve not done a very good job), they will demand more money. They may claim that there was more waste than the client originally said.

Unfortunately, people and ‘companies’ that do this offer rely on intimidation or tricks to get their money, which is a blight on the honest companies out there. Do not get caught out, and ensure that you do your research before hiring a rubbish removal company in Sydney.

There’s a correlation between safety and pricing

At Sydney City Rubbish, we’re completely dedicated to health and safety on-site. No matter the type of rubbish removal project, we ensure that everything is dealt with safely, and our people are always equipped with the right personal protective equipment. They’re also highly trained in every facet of waste management.

When it comes to ‘cheap’ rubbish removal companies, safety is secondary. They are often sacrificing safety for money, meaning less training, less protective equipment, and therefore, much more risk. That risk can also carry over to you as the home or business owner… and not just to your person. They may also cause damage to your property.

Safety is not something to be sacrificed. It must be a non-negotiable on every single waste removal and management project… because dealing with junk can be dangerous. Whether it’s poor lifting techniques, lacerations, trip and fall injuries or something else, hazards must be eliminated.

Unfortunately, cheap rubbish removal companies put this second.

Some people believe that recycling means free

Rubbish removal is never free… unless you list your junk online in the hope that your trash is someone else’s treasure, or you arrange a council hard waste collection. Otherwise, you do need to pay for quality rubbish removal, including when the items are being recycled. It takes labour, equipment and vehicles to remove waste and recycle it… so it can’t exactly be free!

If a company does offer you a free rubbish removal service, there’s probably something else going on. They have to make their money somewhere, so make sure you do thorough research on your rubbish removal company.

You might be contributing to pollution

Some cheap companies charge a ridiculously small fee because their waste isn’t properly dealt with. This means that they may take your rubbish, but they’ll simply dump it in landfill… or even dump it illegally. They won’t make any effort to recycle or repurpose waste, or even take it to an eco-friendly facility that sorts and recovers items.

This means that in the end, your waste may well be heading to landfill, or somewhere worse, when it could easily be recycled… if only the rubbish removal company was acting professionally. They do this to save money, and thereby charge you a lower rate. On the other hand, professional companies may charge a little more, but they’ll be acting ethically and sustainably.

Sydney rubbish removal today

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