Case Study: Oven Removal from a Sydney Backyard

Client: A Residential Homeowner

Scope of work:

– Removing a large pizza oven from a tight space and ensuring it is recycled.

Sydney City Rubbish was engaged by a Paddington homeowner to remove an incredibly heavy and bulky pizza oven from their backyard. The pizza oven weighed over 400kg and therefore, was unable to be moved by the homeowner. It was an incredibly sturdy build, made from heavy iron and other metals. Therefore, they needed to call in the experts.

Our team quickly discerned that removing the oven would require the use of one of our crane trucks, so the vehicle was brought in. We had some slight issues with access at first, but our waste management experts quickly maneuvered the truck into position. They then lowered the crane and took time to secure the oven with high-tensile straps.

We then lifted the oven up, out of the backyard, and over the fence. This was the riskiest part of the process and was done with the utmost care. Our team is always committed to safe practices, whether that’s removing a heavy pizza oven by crane, stripping out an office, or removing old appliances.

The oven was then secured in our rubbish removal truck for safe transportation. In and out in 30 minutes, with a very happy client! 

We then took the oven for disassembly and recycling at a metal recycling facility. This ensures that the materials can be recycled and returned to the manufacturing stream, creating a more sustainable result.

If you’re looking for efficient appliance removal in Sydney, get in touch with us today.

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